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Jake - yes!!! Where Margaret and Harrison are talking about the same thing
is the connection between chaos and order - natural order. Margaret calls
it Order without Control. And that is what happens in open space is it not?
We create a chaos event (the open space) and then let natural order follow.

I have read two books of Margaret's and find it very in keeping with what
Harrison has spoken of in his books on organization and leadership.
Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World
 and A Simpler Way
<https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/413995.A_Simpler_Way> by Margaret

Harrison Owen - *Chaos *is the enemy of the Proactive Organization
(legacy/Orange) while Control is the most important thing.
Harrison describes an organization that is able to embrace *chaos *as the
Interactive Organization.

I listed Harrison and Margaret as harbingers of a new age in a recent blog

Both of these authors have been a huge inspiration along with  Dee Hock
(the Chaordic organization).

Surfing on the Edge of Chaos is another read along these lines. Thanks for
sharing the article!

Ron Quartel

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> Hi all,
> I have been studying this article
> <https://www.margaretwheatley.com/articles/life.html> by Meg Wheatley.
> The article discusses humans' need to create their own future, and, from
> there, it provides principles for effective organizational change. However,
> I found her phrasing of the principles confusing. It's taken awhile, but I
> think I've rephrased them to be more comprehensible and memorable--at least
> for me. Also, they now seem to be more like "conditions" than principles.
> In case you find them useful, they are:
>    1. Everyone from the system is invited
>    2. Everyone dialogues and connects with many others in the system
>    3. Everyone co-creates the system's future
> Kinda sounds like Open Space...
> Thanks!
> All the best,
> Jake
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