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Skye, those are some good vibrations!

Wow Harold. So far Lisa Heft, Anne Stadler, yourself and myself are 
using the a-word repeatedly on OSLIST.

On what authority are we using the a-word? Where does it come from?

Is the a-word now "white-listed" here on OSLIST?

Quote from you, below: here you go... /again/...
"...I'm also grateful that you have highlighted how OST makes it easier 
to learn our own self-/authorization/. "

On 11/30/14 12:02 PM, Harold Shinsato wrote:
> I like this topic with which I shall shortly engage, but first a word 
> from your techie list manager.
> If you receive digests and you hit *REPLY*, every single message from 
> the digest will be included in your reply and there is a very good 
> chance your post will not get through because of size. PLEASE after 
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> Best to trim all the repetition. We don't want to start pushing huge 
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> they run out of space. Also - if you get digests - consider changing 
> the subject back to the message you are responding to. It is not just 
> kinder to the current readers, but it also makes your input easier to 
> find for posterity.
> Thank you Anne for starting this particular angle of the topic of 
> self-organizing! I'm so grateful for the Spirited Work you did for 
> years and how much it has influenced this community. I'm also grateful 
> that you have highlighted how OST makes it easier to learn our own 
> self-authorization. I'm appreciating more and more how much authority 
> is a key piece in understanding how OST works, and how to better apply 
> OST with are more conscious awareness of what authority is and how it 
> works.
> Daniel - I confess I've not studied Stigmergy in detail - but it looks 
> interesting (which at least from my perspective, if you point 
> something out it usually offers great value for me as a topic worthy 
> of further study). But I especially like your conversation and, 
> *meditation*, on music. It fits so well some of the unnecessary 
> strains I see in our community frequently. I'm not a big fan of jargon 
> - but there is something beautiful in the general whole experience of 
> music separate from the consciousness of the details, how it works, 
> the vibrations, etc. And there's also something wonderful in 
> recognizing the detailed mathematics.
> A philosopher/physical-therapist/cranial sacral practitioner who like 
> me has studied African drumming - recounted a story of an east Indian 
> musician who came up to a muscian and communicated appreciation of the 
> person's playing by saying "I really enjoyed your calculations".
> There's a joke about the Buddha asking a street vendor to "Make me one 
> with everything". I'm waiting in SLC waiting for my next flight, 
> remembering reading a Buddhist magazine (Shambala Sun) on the first 
> leg of my journey. It is interesting reading the *detailed* 
> distinctions available in Buddhist thinking for consciousness, some of 
> which might seem like "jargon". But I found the distinctions from the 
> articles by Thich Nat Hahn and others very useful.
> No question - Jargon can be divisive. I remember walking with 
> classmates in college where a few of us were computer geeks. It was 
> like we were talking a foreign language. And yet, it's not like our 
> language is mere buzzwords and posing and looking important. If you've 
> witnessed this, there's great joy in geek fluency - if extreme 
> annoyance in those who hear all the jargon.
> One last word on this - although many really great practitioners may 
> not be able to talk about what they do because they're unconsciously 
> competent and maybe even brilliant - these brilliant practitioners 
> make terrible coaches. Because they don't understand the distinctions 
> they have coded in their brains well enough to communicate those 
> distinctions to others. They can't teach. I hope we can keep the space 
> open for those who like to ask WHY - and maybe use technical language 
> in the process of communicating what we find.
>     Blessings!
>     Harold
> P.S. Skye - thanks for the brilliance of your work and I loved the 
> videos of vibrations! Imagine if we could start seeing and growing 
> with science healthy brain vibrations.
> On 11/30/14 7:34 AM, Skye Hirst via OSList wrote:
>> Yes, and here's a link to see the guitar strings each vibrating in 
>> their own way and together harmonies are created,  and also one of 
>> artist Lisa Sparks with feelings vibrations in bowls of water.  I 
>> hope you can see a relation to what is happening in OS wherever, 
>> whenever life is happening.
>> http://www.thelisapark.com/#/Lisa Sparks Vibrations
>> http://youtu.be/TKF6nFzpHBUGuitar Vibrations
>> On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 9:13 AM, Daniel Mezick via OSList 
>> <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org 
>> <mailto:oslist at lists.openspacetech.org>> wrote:
>>     Hi Anne,
>>     Roberta my wife and I recently viewed a show on TV together
>>     (NOVA) about "sociobiology." And there was this scientist E.O.
>>     Wilson. He's this weird guy that studies ants. And this term
>>     "stigmergy" comes up during the viewing.
>>     Later, we discuss the topics of ants and signaling. We discuss
>>     ants, signs, signals, symbols and words. Words like "music." We
>>     discuss how some truly great musicians play from pure feel, and
>>     cannot "read" music at all, and may in fact "be illiterate." They
>>     play the instrument using here-and-now sensing, and feelings.
>>     They make amazing sounds.
>>     How the instrument physically makes sound can be precisely
>>     described. Yet how the musician makes his or her sound cannot.
>>     And we discuss how some people are very good at using the
>>     instrument to make a very specific sound (without being able to
>>     clearly explain how) while others are good at describing in
>>     general terms how the instrument can produce many sounds (without
>>     being good at making any pleasing sounds at all with the instrument.)
>>     Today we talked about Open Space in light of the word 'stigmergy'
>>     and this show on NOVA, and music.
>>     And how perhaps Open Space is maybe a kind of instrument. That
>>     produces vibrations. Some folks just know how to play the
>>     instrument to produce very specific, purposeful, pleasing
>>     vibrations. Another set of people can clearly explain how the
>>     instrument can produce arbitrary vibrations. And how maybe some
>>     people belong to both groups, and can play the instrument well,
>>     and also clearly explain how it actually the instrument makes
>>     various vibrations.
>>     Daniel
>>     On 11/30/14 12:12 AM, Anne Stadler via OSList wrote:
>>>     Re studying self-organization
>>>     Thanks all.
>>>     Yes HO all IS self-organization.
>>>     However i'm not interested in just any kind of self
>>>     organization.  OST or Opening space is oriented to facilitating
>>>     self authorization; ease of emergence; rapid achievement of flow
>>>     state and high degree of coherence.  That's my experience gained
>>>     in a seven year experiment in using OST to evolve an Open Space
>>>     Learning Community of Practice (Spirited Work).
>>>     So one thing that pops out for me if one were to research this,
>>>     maybe one needs to track a few things:
>>>     1.  Level of self authorization?
>>>     2.  Ease of initiating
>>>     3.  Ease of emergence
>>>     4.  Level of group flow state?
>>>     5.  Level of group coherence?
>>>     Another observation: re using "well-established words".  As an
>>>     example you gave us "stigmergy", Daniel. Where is that
>>>     "well-established"?  Except in certain academic fields?  I am a
>>>     "first follower" Open Spacer (that is literally true! Since
>>>     1989).  I have no idea what you're talking about, i'm sorry to
>>>     say.  So If you're also interested in influencing and involving
>>>     users of OST, I would encourage no professional jargon, if
>>>     possible. It renders the enterprise meaningless to an person for
>>>     whom OST taps into natural human patterns and ways of
>>>     collaboration.
>>>     Thanks for this conversation you all!
>>>     Anne
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>>>     Occupy
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