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Thank you Anne for starting this particular angle of the topic of 
self-organizing! I'm so grateful for the Spirited Work you did for years 
and how much it has influenced this community. I'm also grateful that 
you have highlighted how OST makes it easier to learn our own 
self-authorization. I'm appreciating more and more how much authority is 
a key piece in understanding how OST works, and how to better apply OST 
with are more conscious awareness of what authority is and how it works.

Daniel - I confess I've not studied Stigmergy in detail - but it looks 
interesting (which at least from my perspective, if you point something 
out it usually offers great value for me as a topic worthy of further 
study). But I especially like your conversation and, *meditation*, on 
music. It fits so well some of the unnecessary strains I see in our 
community frequently. I'm not a big fan of jargon - but there is 
something beautiful in the general whole experience of music separate 
from the consciousness of the details, how it works, the vibrations, 
etc. And there's also something wonderful in recognizing the detailed 

A philosopher/physical-therapist/cranial sacral practitioner who like me 
has studied African drumming - recounted a story of an east Indian 
musician who came up to a muscian and communicated appreciation of the 
person's playing by saying "I really enjoyed your calculations".

There's a joke about the Buddha asking a street vendor to "Make me one 
with everything". I'm waiting in SLC waiting for my next flight, 
remembering reading a Buddhist magazine (Shambala Sun) on the first leg 
of my journey. It is interesting reading the *detailed* distinctions 
available in Buddhist thinking for consciousness, some of which might 
seem like "jargon". But I found the distinctions from the articles by 
Thich Nat Hahn and others very useful.

No question - Jargon can be divisive. I remember walking with classmates 
in college where a few of us were computer geeks. It was like we were 
talking a foreign language. And yet, it's not like our language is mere 
buzzwords and posing and looking important. If you've witnessed this, 
there's great joy in geek fluency - if extreme annoyance in those who 
hear all the jargon.

One last word on this - although many really great practitioners may not 
be able to talk about what they do because they're unconsciously 
competent and maybe even brilliant - these brilliant practitioners make 
terrible coaches. Because they don't understand the distinctions they 
have coded in their brains well enough to communicate those distinctions 
to others. They can't teach. I hope we can keep the space open for those 
who like to ask WHY - and maybe use technical language in the process of 
communicating what we find.


P.S. Skye - thanks for the brilliance of your work and I loved the 
videos of vibrations! Imagine if we could start seeing and growing with 
science healthy brain vibrations.

On 11/30/14 7:34 AM, Skye Hirst via OSList wrote:
> Yes, and here's a link to see the guitar strings each vibrating in 
> their own way and together harmonies are created,  and also one of 
> artist Lisa Sparks with feelings vibrations in bowls of water.  I hope 
> you can see a relation to what is happening in OS wherever, whenever 
> life is happening.
> http://www.thelisapark.com/#/Lisa Sparks Vibrations
> http://youtu.be/TKF6nFzpHBUGuitar Vibrations
> On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 9:13 AM, Daniel Mezick via OSList 
> <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org 
> <mailto:oslist at lists.openspacetech.org>> wrote:
>     Hi Anne,
>     Roberta my wife and I recently viewed a show on TV together (NOVA)
>     about "sociobiology." And there was this scientist E.O. Wilson.
>     He's this weird guy that studies ants. And this term "stigmergy"
>     comes up during the viewing.
>     Later, we discuss the topics of ants and signaling. We discuss
>     ants, signs, signals, symbols and words. Words like "music." We
>     discuss how some truly great musicians play from pure feel, and
>     cannot "read" music at all, and may in fact "be illiterate." They
>     play the instrument using here-and-now sensing, and feelings. They
>     make amazing sounds.
>     How the instrument physically makes sound can be precisely
>     described. Yet how the musician makes his or her sound cannot. And
>     we discuss how some people are very good at using the instrument
>     to make a very specific sound (without being able to clearly
>     explain how) while others are good at describing in general terms
>     how the instrument can produce many sounds (without being good at
>     making any pleasing sounds at all with the instrument.)
>     Today we talked about Open Space in light of the word 'stigmergy'
>     and this show on NOVA, and music.
>     And how perhaps Open Space is maybe a kind of instrument. That
>     produces vibrations. Some folks just know how to play the
>     instrument to produce very specific, purposeful, pleasing
>     vibrations. Another set of people can clearly explain how the
>     instrument can produce arbitrary vibrations. And how maybe some
>     people belong to both groups, and can play the instrument well,
>     and also clearly explain how it actually the instrument makes
>     various vibrations.
>     Daniel
>     On 11/30/14 12:12 AM, Anne Stadler via OSList wrote:
>>     Re studying self-organization
>>     Thanks all.
>>     Yes HO all IS self-organization.
>>     However i'm not interested in just any kind of self
>>     organization.  OST or Opening space is oriented to facilitating
>>     self authorization; ease of emergence; rapid achievement of flow
>>     state and high degree of coherence.  That's my experience gained
>>     in a seven year experiment in using OST to evolve an Open Space
>>     Learning Community of Practice (Spirited Work).
>>     So one thing that pops out for me if one were to research this,
>>     maybe one needs to track a few things:
>>     1.  Level of self authorization?
>>     2.  Ease of initiating
>>     3.  Ease of emergence
>>     4.  Level of group flow state?
>>     5.  Level of group coherence?
>>     Another observation: re using "well-established words".  As an
>>     example you gave us "stigmergy", Daniel. Where is that
>>     "well-established"?  Except in certain academic fields?  I am a
>>     "first follower" Open Spacer (that is literally true! Since
>>     1989).  I have no idea what you're talking about, i'm sorry to
>>     say.  So If you're also interested in influencing and involving
>>     users of OST, I would encourage no professional jargon, if
>>     possible. It renders the enterprise meaningless to an person for
>>     whom OST taps into natural human patterns and ways of collaboration.
>>     Thanks for this conversation you all!
>>     Anne
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