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Anne - I did have to chuckle when you took Dan to the Woodshed. J His use of
the word "stigmergy" set me back a bit too. Particularly since I pride
myself on my vocabulary, but that one got me. I did fail the course. I could
see the roots, and guess the meaning, but it really was foreign territory.
And then I remembered Ants, and E O Wilson's marvelous large tome on the
subject, "Superorganism." I read it cover to cover twice. Truthfully I
learned more about ants than I ever wanted to know - but along the way I
found myself entranced by the elegant power of self organization as it
manifest in some of our smaller neighbors. And if Ants can do it, By God -
we can too!




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Re studying self-organization
Thanks all. 


Yes HO all IS self-organization.

However i'm not interested in just any kind of self organization.  OST or
Opening space is oriented to facilitating self authorization; ease of
emergence; rapid achievement of flow state and high degree of coherence.
That's my experience gained in a seven year experiment in using OST to
evolve an Open Space Learning Community of Practice (Spirited Work).  


So one thing that pops out for me if one were to research this, maybe one
needs to track a few things:

1.  Level of self authorization?

2.  Ease of initiating 

3.  Ease of emergence 

4.  Level of group flow state?

5.  Level of group coherence?


Another observation: re using "well-established words".  As an example you
gave us "stigmergy", Daniel. Where is that "well-established"?  Except in
certain academic fields?  I am a "first follower" Open Spacer (that is
literally true! Since 1989).  I have no idea what you're talking about, i'm
sorry to say.  So If you're also interested in influencing and involving
users of OST, I would encourage no professional jargon, if possible. It
renders the enterprise meaningless to an person for whom OST taps into
natural human patterns and ways of collaboration. 


Thanks for this conversation you all!






Your Self



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