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Dear Marei
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you are right, I do have some
belief change work to do. This conversation has helped me a lot regarding
this, and your contribution is valuable for this process. The actual
situation highlights this very clear for me, since I am sitting on two
chairs, both on the board of the school and facilitating this process of
introducing OS-principles to this work. I guess we each have to find the
open leader within ourselves to be able to find open leaders out there! So I
will share with you when these leaders start popping up!
Thanks again and I hope to meet you again soon!
Kind regards

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  Skickat: den 7 december 2004 11:26
  Ämne: Re: givens and serendipity

   "Thomas Herrmann" <mailto:thomas at> schrieb:
  > Hi HO
  > Just to clarify, the givens in this school-example are about to define
  > we (I´m part of the board of the school) would like to have help from
  > parents, not to deny conversations. The OS-meeting will be the start of
  > new organization for the parents-involvement so everyone will choose
  > topic they would like to develop further after that day. We don´t see a
  > (and do not trust!) the parents to get involved with developing the
  > but of course conversations are welcome and we encourage them all the
  > The school works out of the "Montessori-pedagogy" - quite open spacy!


  > I really would like to know where you all find leaders who are open to
  > change in their organization and who fully trust their employees to take
  > charge!!! Please tell me also HOW you find them!!! Maybe I have to leave
  > Sweden??!! And how you find out you found them!!
  > It happened to me a few times that I thought I found one but at a not
  > timely place I found out I had not.
  > Warmest regards
  > Thomas

  Funny thing, what I sensed in your email, Thomas. It remembered me how
much we, ourselves, are connected with what we see outside. From my work
with belief systems during the last months I came to the belief that the
world I perceive is a reflection of my inner world. And I hope you will
forgive me if I use your example to make clear what I mean.

  Not trusting parents to get involved with developing the pedagogy... looks
a lot like not being fully open to change and not trusting the employees
fully to take charge. And like not trusting that the whole system (teachers
and parents together) will define perfectly where parents can contribute and
where teachers are the experts - the by the parents chosen experts! If the
parents don't think the teachers and the board of the scool are capable, but
will intervene in a way that you think might be disturbing your work - mmmh,
why should they send their kids to this scool? And what a foundation for
cooperating is this?

  So my answer to your question on HOW to find leaders who are fully open to
change would be "search inside". This includes you don't have to leave
Sveden :)

  The more we have this inner freedom the more often we will meet people
outside who are looking for what we offer. And the better we can adress this
part in the other which trusts and knows - one may call it 'higher self' or
differently - and which is only hidden by a layer of distrust, fear and
hindering beliefs.

  This dialogue on givens showed me very much how much the way we, the
facilitators, want to work and what we offer to a client is connected with
what we personally believe to need. And that we all, as Joelle wrote, "keep
hoping that there might be some small aspects of life over which we still
can exercise control." And I put myself on your list as well Joelle, and
join you, Thomas, in again and again catching me where I don't trust others
to know best what they want, what is needed and to let go all my planning.
Instead I stay with my wanting to make sure I get the result that seemingly
would be the best for me.

  But refering to all the wonderful stuff on "serendipity" this planned
result is obviously not the best that can happen!

  Many regards and thank you listserve community -
  it's such a pleasure to be part of this.


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