SV: givens and serendipity

Marei Kiele MareiKiele at
Thu Dec 9 13:55:27 PST 2004

Dear Thomas,

I will be very happy to see you again, too.
And yes, please share when these leaders start popping up!!

In the meantime: How you wrote about having to do some belief change work sounded a bit as if you expect an unpleasant time? Like one would say "I have to tidy up my room"?

I experienced it differently: I experienced astonishment, laughter, some tears as well, deep insights, relief, and the feeling of more and more freedom while exploring what and how I belief - and by that becoming able to choose my beliefs deliberate. A great journey !!

There are many different ways to find out about beliefs and how we create our world and our experiences by them. For me the "Avatar-course" developped by Harry Palmer was a mind-oppening experience that vastly exceeded all my expectations (of course - be prepared... ; )

For you and everybody else who might be interested in exploring his or her consciousness, here is the webside:

And to get a deeper feeling of the work: a free download of the book "living deliberately" by Harry Palmer you get at:

All the best to you,

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Betreff: SV: givens and serendipity

Dear Marei
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you are right, I do have some belief change work to do. This conversation has helped me a lot regarding this, and your contribution is valuable for this process. The actual situation highlights this very clear for me, since I am sitting on two chairs, both on the board of the school and facilitating this process of introducing OS-principles to this work. I guess we each have to find the open leader within ourselves to be able to find open leaders out there! So I will share with you when these leaders start popping up!
Thanks again and I hope to meet you again soon!
Kind regards

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