[OSList] This list serve is antiquated big time

Birgitt Williams birgitt at dalarinternational.com
Thu Jan 28 07:40:28 PST 2021

Thank you Harold,
I love the simplicity that has been maintained for our email list, and the
independence to the extent possible for us to be in a platform that
supports us. Thank you for your work on this over many years, and also to
those who preceded you.

A super super simple way to pay attention to the list, and to follow
threads really really easily is to use the GREAT feature of the archives
http://www.mail-archive.com/oslist@lists.openspacetech.org. Every post gets
placed in the archives, the archives are searchable. When something that is
posted catches my attention, it is easy to go to the archives to see what I
may have missed in the thread and also simultaneously by topic access what
has been discussed in relation to the topic over the years.

in genuine contact,

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On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 10:24 AM Harold Shinsato via OSList <
oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> The software we use is version 2.1.23 of GNU MailMan, which is an open
> source email distribution list management platform. Our MailMan service is
> provided for free by DreamHost.com, who also provides free webhosting
> service to the Open Space Institute - U.S. DreamHost.com has been a great
> company, and they offer free webhosting to 501(c)(3) non-profits.
> I agree that the MailMan needs an major upgrade. An upgrade is not
> something offered by DreamHost, though I can install it on the DreamHost
> servers. But I hope no one thinks we are back in the "stone ages", or "when
> the internet was first invented". I treasure your passion for truth, but I
> don't like being disrespected or dishonored, especially with falsehoods.
> Here are the facts.
> 1) The date of the invention of the internet is somewhat fuzzy, but the
> real guy who invented the internet (standing on the shoulders of many
> others) was Vinton Cerf, who designed the TCP/IP protocols in the 1970's.
> TCP/IP was accepted as the ARPANET protocol in 1983.
> 2) Version 2.1.23 GNU MailMan is relatively old, released in August 2016.
> The latest 2.x version is 2.1.34 released in June of 2020. But it just
> minor issues. I'd like to update to version 3.3.2 (Nov 6, 2020). which has
> a more modern interface.
> 3) We are an EMAIL based system. For most people, it's not going to look
> very different, no matter what system we use. Everyone gets to use their
> own email program. We aren't forcing anyone to use a website, download an
> app to their phones, etc.
> 4) There are other closed platforms we could use. (Like GoogleGroups,
> Groups.IO, etc. etc.). These platforms do have their own community
> standards, and they do forbid certain conversations. I don't think that is
> appropriate for the main Open Space online conversation. I hope we can stay
> independent.
> Mark - I am valuing your feedback. We do need a major upgrade, for
> multiple reasons beyond your personal experience of the formatting (which I
> have explained how you can fix in an earlier email). But I don't think you
> are being fair or accurate.
>     Harold
> On 1/27/21 6:15 PM, Mark Carmel via OSList wrote:
> It is so hard to follow a thread of thought. When was this platform
> started? When the internet was first invented? Come on folks, let's catch
> up with a workable format.  This is in need of a major upgrade. Thanks for
> your consideration,
> Mark Carmel
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