[OSList] Who Opens the Space?

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Yes. And it could be space is already open (yours, mine, ours). We just have to be reminded. Maybe that’s what the facilitator “does?”




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Dear friends and colleagues,

 "Who Opens the Space"


I believe that I open the space for myself. I show up. I make a conscious choice about how much space I choose to open for myself, for myself as a whole person to participate. Sometimes the space feels safer to me than other times. Regardless, it is my choice for me of how much space I open for myself in every situation, how much I choose to participate within that self created open space, and for how long I choose to keep the space for myself open.


I appreciate the effort and love of the facilitator of the Open Space Technology meeting. The role is important, assuming it is carried out with care and love and clarity, to make visible that a bigger space is open and ready for participation. This is a valuable role. Yet, it is still me, that opens the space for myself...no one can do this for me.


I appreciate the role of the sponsor is opening the space within the organization for a conscious opening of space for a particular theme to be explored. Sometimes the sponsor chooses to open a big space, sometimes it is a smaller space...Both are fine so long as there is honesty about the amount of space being opened. Yet, it is still me that opens the space for myself to consciously choose my participation.


Now, I am wondering about the importance of providing the people who attend the OST meeting with the concept that the amount of space that they are opening for themselves is their responsibility. Your thoughts?


in genuine contact,



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