[OSList] Who Opens the Space?

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Fri May 17 10:53:46 PDT 2019

Inspired by Dee Hock, these days maybe I’ll say that the space is always infinitely open and as a host of an Open Space Technology meeting, my job is to work with sponsors and participants close it down in a way that allows for good work to be done. I use the boundaries of time and space, and the attractors of invitation and intention to create a smaller space to do things.  Creating a smaller container is the art of holding space and it takes a bit of experience and wisdom to learn how to make the space not too big or too small.  


> On May 17, 2019, at 4:00 AM, Jan Hoglund via OSList <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:
> Here's a story about when the group itself opens its own space...
> It's an excerpt from Dee Hock's book One from Many, pp. 205-207 (Kindle edition).
> "Three hours into the morning, an agenda for the remainder of the three-day meeting was proposed. It contained nothing about the failed effort at reorganization other than a brief report at the end of the final day. An annoyed murmur swept the room. A member rose and angrily complained. ... A chorus of “Hear, hear,” “Absolutely,”“ Right on,” immediately arose. ... The hum of discontent grew louder. The chairman of the international committee rose to offer his version of the situation and induce the members to accept the proposed agenda, as did another member of the committee. ... The murmur of discontent grew louder. ... Efforts to continue the proposed agenda collapsed, as members demanded time to meet privately with one another and discuss the situation with their representatives on the organizing committee. ... The agenda was resumed the second day, but few paid any attention to it. Self-organizing discussions continued. By the end of the second day, several people had gracefully withdrawn from the international organizing committee with profuse thanks for their hard work. Others had been appointed. The chairman had withdrawn “to allow others an opportunity to serve.” In the late afternoon of the third day, the newly constituted committee met, firmly committed themselves to a renewed effort, and asked if we would resume our efforts as organizing agent. We agreed, providing only that henceforth all differences should be open, honest, and constructive. All agreed that was as it should be, and from then on, with minor exceptions, so it was. By the end of the meeting, no one had lost face, all those who had served were honored for their efforts, no more was said of the past, and everyone’s energy turned to the future."
> /Jan Höglund, Sweden
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