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Fri May 3 03:42:19 PDT 2019

Hi all.  Do we have a record somewhere of businesses and organisations who
are using OST internally on a regular basis?  By regular I mean either a) as
their basic mode of operation (e.g. where all major pan-organisational
decisions are made in OST), or b) for specific purposes, e.g. innovation
hackathon, stakeholder dialogues, change management, where OST is the
default approach, rather than being a one- or two-off event.  In both cases
regularly over several years.


There are plenty of examples where OST has been applied but on a one-off
basis, i.e. where OST is the exception rather than the rule.  I’m looking
for those organisations where OST (or similar, i.e. a contextualised form of
OST) is the default mode.  Is there such a record, has someone compiled such
a list, do we know of such an archive? (Do they even exist?)


If not, then I’ll be happy to initiate one, but I don’t want to reinvent the
wheel (one thing less to do), so if something already exists I’d appreciate
hearing about it.  Please let us know.  Many thanks.


François Knuchel

M:  07729371915



 <https://twitter.com/f12uk> https://twitter.com/f12uk



 <mailto:fk at open2flow.co.uk> fk at open2flow.co.uk


 <mailto:francois at caterfly.co.uk> francois at caterfly.co.uk


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