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Hi Heidi,
I have worked in India a lot in years 2007 to the present. OST was always
part of the work as was capacity building so that I left behind people in
every organization that I worked in who were taught the facilitation of
OST, and also how to Work with OST within the institution for maximum
benefit from the investment in the meeting. I have little interest in
success measured as 'it was a great meeting'. I have a lot of interest in
what the results are two months and more after a OST meeting.

Within our Genuine Contact program, we place emphasis on:
1. A well done preparatory meeting, one I used to call 'planning meeting'
but recently have reverted back to 'preparing the field (ground) meeting'
2. Developing clarity of the business purpose for the meeting, expected
outcomes (ie: better innovation, better collaboration...), and an
exploration about leadership for carrying out the results of the meeting
beyond the OST
3. The preparatory meeting(s) are facilitated using Whole Person Process
Facilitation, a method I developed to compliment OST for meetings when OST
is not the right method ie: the preparatory meeting needs to be facilitated
with the same principles and values as OST yet needs a more guided approach
4. Building the capacity 'in house' to facilitate Whole Person Process
Facilitation and Open Space Technology meetings.

I am wondering what the business goal of the tech company is for having a
meeting. I am also wondering if you are open to turning the assignment over
to one of our Indian colleagues to carry out as there are exceptional OST
facilitators in India, who have a wealth of experience and
references/testimonials and who have the advantage of working within their
own culture.


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> Funny thing is, some folks are sure OS is Indian. Google “Four Principles
> of Indian Spirituality.” Of check out
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MObYeDmoDcY
> Harrison
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> Greetings OST World Community - from the high desert of Santa Fe, New
> Mexico ~
> I have a potential client in India (a tech company) and it would be very
> helpful to be able to provide them with some companies, institutions or
> organizations that have used Open Space in India in recent years.  Meaning
> more recent than the original event in Goa - which I have mentioned to my
> client.
> They have the idea that it is an 'American' thing and therefor may not
> work as easily with Indian participants.
> If any of you who have facilitated OST in India are willing to share where
> you did it/who for, I would be most appreciative!
> Thank you,
> Heidi
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