[OSList] creating clarity so participants can make an informed choice when responding to an invitation to a participatory meeting (like OST)

Birgitt Williams birgitt at dalarinternational.com
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 Dear friends and colleagues,
This note is for you if
-if you would like to improve the harvest and actions from an OST meeting.
 -if you measure the success of an OST meeting two or more months after the
OST meeting looking at the difference that the meeting made

I have a workshop happening tomorrow Wednesday March 7th from 9am to 12
noon EST that I believe is of value to you. Check out Planning for Highly
Effective Meetings
No, I don't alter the format of the OST itself. I am a self confessed
purist about the dance of OST in its pure form. However, it is possible to
work with OST to generate more ROI. If you cannot attend in person, the
recording is valuable for a self study. Registration is required to get the

I created a particular kind of planning meeting originally to help my
clients get the most out of the participatory meeting method Open Space
Technology. I was facilitating these large whole system meetings of
hundreds of people in one meeting. At the closing of the meeting, people
would be so excited, so happy to have participated and great accolades were
made. For some meeting facilitators, this is enough to declare it a good
meeting. Not for me. I want to know what happens two months and more after
such a big investment in a meeting. Did it make enough difference?

>From this vantage point of maximizing the harvest for the good of the
organization and its people, I found the importance of the planning
meeting, how it was done, and what was talked about was critical in
achieving the most gain.This planning meeting is not about
logistics...although we do provide a handout about logistics. There are
topics much more important to discuss in the planning meeting. AND, the
planning meeting must include the senior most leader of the organization as
part of creating the best outcomes.

I wrote a blog that might interest you about the participants benefiting
from the right to make an informed choice about attending the meeting. I
titled the blog  'Grandma, if it moves, don't pick it up!'

in genuine contact,

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