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Jan - it's all true! A couple of Martinis and time in West Africa. And
suddenly I remembered what I'd always known. For 13.7 Billion years. Sit in
a circle, create a bulletin board. Go to work. Of course we can make it a
lot more complicated - with all kinds of processes and procedures. Which
naturally require much study, great expertise, and massive cost. My bill.
Or. You can have it all for free. 


The actual truth of the matter is that it is all yours. Already. Anyhow.






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You wrote:

> Point is, that "research" along the Quaker line, is what I think OST is
the best approach to without formally being a Quaker.


I just want to clarify that I'm not a Quaker myself, but that I do believe
that communal discernment is a human potential. The similarities between
Quaker practices and indigenous cultures are discussed in the book, but I
didn't go into any depth on this in my review. Btw, didn't the idea behind
OST come from some village in Africa in combination with two martinis, or


Jan, Sweden

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