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> It is good to hear your perspective that Agile methods are complementary to Open Space Technology. I am understanding that the level of how complimentary they are to each other also depends on the perspective, attitude, etc of the persons who facilitate the combination of the methods, the depth of their understanding and commitment to the Agile Manifesto principles, and their depth and understanding of the essence of Open Space Technology as framed by the 5 principles, the one law. It seems to me that this would take some substantial understanding, self awareness, and of course that great feat of embracing the ego and then asking the ego to sit in the back seat of the car instead of being the driver.

I think this is the crux of the matter.  

A paint brush, a canvas and a set of oils can be tools in incredible transformation.  Stand before Van Gogh’s paintings in the Musee d’Orsay and try to stop your heart and soul from being moved.  But there is no guarantee that in the hands of anyone, such tools will create beauty and transformation.

Both the power and potential of these tools is dependant upon a certain cultivation of our own artistry as hosts and leaders.  We get better at it as we go along and we discover all kinds of different potentials and possibilities.  The tools are completely interrelated with those using them.  To the extent that the enable certain human or natural dynamics to unfold depends to a large extent on those who are holding those tools.

I have seen Open Space meetings that are highly controlled and were essentially enemies of self-organization, holistic practice and wellness.  I think this is why many of us in the world created pathways and fields of practice like the Art of Hosting or Genuine Contact or other things to help practitioners develop themselves to be of service to groups.  In some ways OST ideally is a half way practice - its a good tool to use while you are half way through your development as a practitioner.  It teaches you about what’s possible in yourself and your leadership.  The more you use OST (and other similar methods) the more you learn about yourself and, potentially, the better able you are to act WITHOUT method I think.  

So I just want to b=put in a word for the cultivation of our artistry.  These tools are nothing until they are in the hands of people using them and a rigourous cultivation of good practice is important.

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