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So much appreciation to all of you.  Thanks for keeping us up to date,
 beginnings and endings,  yes indeed, cycles of aliveness.  Hugs to all and
thanks to the whole OST community for your richness and nourishment.

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> Brimming with energy and new possibilities, a few weeks ago,  the 501c3
> OSI US Board formally elected a new slate of officers - a legal requirement
> which we always try to infuse with the true intent and meaning of Open
> Space Technology - operating in shared leadership guided by five amazing
> principles and our beloved Law of 2 Feet.
> Today, we're happy to introduce newly elected president, Tricia
> Chirumbole;  Harold Shinsato who continues to serve as treasurer whilst
> always doing so much more; Karen Davis as secretary and Kevin O'Brien, vice
> president. Daniel Mezick, Linda Stevenson, and I also serve on this board.
> At our annual gathering on the Practice of Peace and High Performance that
> took place in January at International House in New York city, Harrison
> spoke of endings and beginnings.  During this past year, in the world, in
> our work and our OSI US meetings, we've certainly felt the pull of endings
> and new beginnings, individually and collectively.
> Not always clear, at times feeling we were not doing enough, we sensed
> that it will be by opening more space with all of you, that (in Peggy
> Holman's words), we will be "taking responsibility for what we love as an
> act of service".
> Attached here is a picture from our last meeting (Daniel with us in
> spirit) which conveys the continuing joy of being part of this community
> and how much we look forward to a beckoning future with many more joining
> in.
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