[OSList] From fear to love: how can Open Space help the ReLovution? #OSELE16, May 7-13_Donostia, (aka LEX 4th Open Space EuropeanLearning Exchange)

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*(Thanks so much if you wish to forward the invitation to European
colleagues or ones that could join us from other places in the world)*

*Did you make up to register? Fill in this **form
please*, it takes just 5´. Find here the invitation text to #OSELE16

Good morning! How are you?

This beautiful adventure started with Michael Pannwitz's proposal last
summer in Wosonos 2015 in Krakow, knowing that we were organizing a
facilitation week in June 2016, he asked: *"Why don't you invite next
European Learning Exchange?"*. *"Why not?"* I answered, and back in the
Basque Country, my colleagues in Gune Irekiaren Lagunak (Open Space
Friends/Basque Country) said, "Yes!".

So far, some 12 of us have had two meetings and conversed a lot via email
and phone, and this afternoon we are meeting to speak about the way we'll
be facilitating OSELE16. There are 7 people in the facilitation team, and
most of them will be doing it first time in English!

The organizing team is wider (see some of us in the photo
<https://www.flickr.com/photos/eleder_bum/26066579074/in/datetaken/>, after
the 2nd meeting, on April the 9th, just one month before OSELE16) and all
of us are desiring to meet other facilitators from Europe and the world.*
So far we are twenty people* who signed up, and whe have room for 20 more
at least.

So, next *7th-13th May, *there will be a* great opportunity *in
Donostia/San Sebastian* to dive deeper in Open Space Technology, meet
colleagues *from several Euopean countries, meet lots of Basque colleagues
and some others from near Spain, Portugal (maybe) and France too, *explore
possible collaborations, and cocreate alternatives* for the great issues in
the world.

During this week (May7th to 13th) we'll have 3 main OS events in Donostia
(San Sebastian) and near Leioa:

*1. May 7th-9th:* *Lisa Heft* will be giving her Open Space Learning
Tabakalera (Donostia/San Sebastian)
Contact her directly if you'd like to take part or receive further info:
lisaheft at openingspace.net
*2. Zubideiak <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kik5S_kCwXs>: *On May the
7th we have a one day quite big (around 100 people are expected) Open Space
in Leioa (100km from Donostia) with a big question: *How can Basque
language help the co-existence of the culturally diverse people in our
country?* It'll be a multilingual OS where we plan to have
Basque-Spanish-French-English translations. Very good opportunity for those
who would like to immerse themselves a bit more in our country's
social+cultural+political situation.
*3. May 10th *we'll be all day preparing the site in *Tabakalera
host OSELE16 and you are invited to join us and start meeting up. Then
we'll *meet with a glass of wine and some snacks taken from each
participant's homeland* to say hello.
*4. May 11-13th, OSELE16, the 4th Open Space European Learning Exchage
take place in Donostia, in Tabakalera
LEX, an "European OSonOS", that has been taking place whe WOSONOS is far
from Europe and some of us feel it too difficult to get there and still
want to keep connected with OS colleagues from other countries). This year
we propose a big question:

*From fear to love. How can Open Space help the ReLovution? Do you want to
register for OSELE16? Please fill in this form
here the invitation text to #OSELE16

If you are wishing to come but the budget would be a big barrier, it could
help to know that both OSELE and Lisa´s Workshop are held on an open price
way. Besides, *Access Queen* (with María´s and Sonia's help) *will be
helping the access of the passionate ones*. We also prepared a doc with
some good alternatives on how to get to Donostia and where to sleep
Please, contact us at *bosonos13 at gmail.com <bosonos13 at gmail.com>* if we can
further help you.

Last but not least, those of you with an enjoying and dancing spiriit, *know
for sure that we'll have the time to have some fun during the week :)!*
People from the OSELE organizing team have been also proposing some good
ideas about how to enjoy our shared time in Donostia, such as a biodance
session, pintxo-pote, cool places to visit, appart from some cultural
activities in the town, as *beautiful coastal Donostia is this year the
European Cultural Capital <http://dss2016.eu/en/agenda>.*

*How can Open Space help the ReLovution?* If you like our adventure and
would like to share the gift, *please forward this message, specially in
Europe*. Here are some other ways to spread the word:

OSELE16 invitation text
#OSELE16 in Twitter
in Facebook

That's all, folks! We are already enjoying the adventure and are very
thankful to Michael, Lisa, Sywia, Monika, Aldona, Karolina, Harrison... and
all the wonderful people in the worldwide OS community.

Enjoy life!

Eleder Aurtenetxe

*(on behalf of the #OSELE16 orgenizing team)*Open Space Friends (Basque
(+0034) 638.733.223
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