[OSList] Can Conversations on Crises Change Civilization?

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This looks interesting indeed!

I must admit I struggle to engage with most online things from here in
Australia, so I am not sure how involved I might be, but I love the
movement and the question.

This course I am also about to start, from U.Lab, might be of mutual


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On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 2:41 PM, Ben Roberts via OSList <
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> *Dear colleague (with apologies for cross-posting),*
> As we move into 2015, are you profoundly concerned about climate change,
> serious resource depletion, and other major threats to civilization?  Do
> you believe that we face an urgent and challenging opportunity to transform
> our social systems and cultures that are generating those crises?  Are you
> interested in what conversational professionals - mediators, conveners,
> facilitators and your other fellow advocates and practitioners of dialogue,
> deliberation, and process - could do to catalyze powerful collective shifts
> that address these disturbing and exciting transformational possibilities?
> If so, know that you are not alone.  We and many others feel as you do,
> passionately.  So many people responded to a post about this by Tom Atlee
> on the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation discussion list
> that three of us called for further conversation and more than 50 signed
> on, half of whom participated in an initial conference call on December
> 15.  With this invitation, we're reaching out to thousands more in our
> field to see who else feels called to this vital adventure.
> So now we ask you to join us in pioneering a dialogue and deliberation
> (D&D) “community of inquiry and action" during January 2015, online using
> the “hackpad” platform and live virtually (using phone and video
> conferencing), to more deeply pursue this urgent question that a few dozen
> of us have already begun <http://www.bit.ly/DandDTrans> exploring:
> *What do we, as members of the dialogue and deliberation community of
> practice, have to be and do to enable our most positive transformational
> impact, in the face of emerging global crises which fundamentally challenge
> our business-as-usual habits and systems?*
> We know there are a number of ways to come at this question, so we are
> using January to explore different possibilities, while building
> relationships among those of us who have passion about this topic. You’ll
> see below that we’ve scheduled a number of virtual meetings, using
> different methods, all in this one month—both in direct audio/video
> dialogues and in online written conversations—in an effort to meet all our
> different needs as D&D agents of social transformation.
> You are welcome to participate in as many or as few of the “synchronous”
> events listed below as you like—and you are encouraged to participate any
> time in the online dialogues underway in the hackpad forums we've provided
> <http://www.bit.ly/DandDTrans>. Each virtual event can stand on its own,
> and each may have different outcomes—some perhaps quite unexpected—but we
> suspect that insights and energies emerging in each one will reverberate in
> all the rest.
> *January 6, 2-3:30 ET *— a virtual *World Cafe* for continuing
> whole-group exploration of our convening question (above), and other
> related ones, in stimulating small groups.  The optional "harvest" at the
> end will continue until 4:30 pm ET.  Later in January we'll have another
> virtual World Cafe, at an evening or weekend time to be announced.  Before,
> during, and after these events, you can also share ideas on hackpad
> (starting now). <http://www.bit.ly/DandDTrans>
> *January 9, 20, 30 (various times--see hackpad
> <http://www.bit.ly/DandDTrans>) *— three virtual *Bohm Dialogues*,
> providing space for deeper reflection and relationship building, available
> on a reservation basis.
> *January 13, 2-3:30 ET* — a virtual *Open Space* event to enable anyone
> to convene a group to pursue an inquiry or activity about which they have
> passion.  If you have such a passion, you can introduce it on hackpad
> <http://www.bit.ly/DandDTrans> before, during, or after the audio-video
> event (starting now).  Later in January we'll have another virtual Open
> Space event, at an evening or weekend time to be announced. Immediately
> following each virtual Open Space event there will be an additional hour of
> virtual group sharing and group reports.
> As we go through the above activities together, we'll be gaining first
> hand understanding about how processes we have usually experienced in
> person translate into virtual environments, and about the pros and cons of
> the on-line tools we will be using —topics about which we expect to reflect
> more later in January.  Bearing in mind that this environment and these
> online tools may be new to many of us, we will go out of our way to provide
> as much technical support as we can in this process. And, we also beg in
> advance your forbearance and honest feedback as we explore this new
> territory together.
> More information about these offerings, as well as ways to get started in
> the community of inquiry right now, can be found here on the Welcome
> hackpad. <http://www.bit.ly/DandDTrans>
> What happens beyond January—with all of us together and/or in various
> subgroups—is up to each of us. As hosts, we are designing the January
> experience to encourage various follow-up opportunities to emerge according
> to their own energy.  This particular cycle of engagements will end at the
> end of the month, having provided value to all who have been part of this
> community during that time.  But what happens next will depend totally on
> the passion felt by you and the other participants, and the responsibility
> and creativity you bring to your conversations with the other passionate
> folks you meet in the process.
> So we welcome your participation and look forward to what will emerge
> here.  The more of us pursue this, the more we will learn and the more
> action will result, moving us all forward.  Let us know if you have
> questions or comments.
> And make sure to register here if you think you may participate in any of
> it
> <http://myaccount.maestroconference.com/conference/register/SJQ6VBHESBQ8OD>,
> so we can plan for how many of us may join the adventure.
> Ben Roberts and Linda Ellinor
> (for the “convening team”
> <https://hackpad.com/About-the-DandDTrans-Inquiry-oG0LLT20JlU>)
> PS:  Alongside this collective inquiry and our associated
> community-building efforts, we are offering a self-organized
> daily opportunity to explore the deeper meaning of randomly selected cards
> from *the Group Works deck* set of life-enhancing conversational design
> principles.  Our recent experiments with this
> <https://hackpad.com/Group-Works-Card-of-the-Evening-DandDTrans-Inquiry-WzwxQeIX8WY>
>  have been delightfully engaging.  If you wish to be on the email list
> for notices about this, please let Ben Roberts know via a reply to this
> email.
> *Ben Roberts*
> *The Conversation Collaborative*
> www. ConversationCollaborative.com
> <http://www.conversationcollaborative.com/>
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