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Is not each post on *OSLIST* an example of the stigmergy principle in 

" Stigmergy is a mechanism of indirect coordination 
<http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/coordination> between (*OSLIST*) agents. 
The principle is that the trace (an *OSLIST* post) left in the 
environment by an action /stimulates the performance of a next action/, 
by the same or a different (*OSLIST*) agent."

On 11/30/14 1:01 PM, Harrison Owen via OSList wrote:
> Anne -- I did have to chuckle when you took Dan to the Woodshed. JHis 
> use of the word "stigmergy" set me back a bit too. Particularly since 
> I pride myself on my vocabulary, but that one got me. I did fail the 
> course. I could see the roots, and guess the meaning, but it really 
> was foreign territory. And then I remembered Ants, and E O Wilson's 
> marvelous large tome on the subject, "Superorganism." I read it cover 
> to cover twice. Truthfully I learned more about ants than I ever 
> wanted to know -- but along the way I found myself entranced by the 
> elegant power of self organization as it manifest in some of our 
> smaller neighbors. And if Ants can do it, By God -- we can too!
> Harrison
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> Re studying self-organization
> Thanks all.
> Yes HO all IS self-organization.
> However i'm not interested in just any kind of self organization.  OST 
> or Opening space is oriented to facilitating self authorization; ease 
> of emergence; rapid achievement of flow state and high degree of 
> coherence.  That's my experience gained in a seven year experiment in 
> using OST to evolve an Open Space Learning Community of Practice 
> (Spirited Work).
> So one thing that pops out for me if one were to research this, maybe 
> one needs to track a few things:
> 1.  Level of self authorization?
> 2.  Ease of initiating
> 3.  Ease of emergence
> 4.  Level of group flow state?
> 5.  Level of group coherence?
> Another observation: re using "well-established words".  As an example 
> you gave us "stigmergy", Daniel. Where is that "well-established"? 
>  Except in certain academic fields?  I am a "first follower" Open 
> Spacer (that is literally true! Since 1989).  I have no idea what 
> you're talking about, i'm sorry to say.  So If you're also interested 
> in influencing and involving users of OST, I would encourage no 
> professional jargon, if possible. It renders the enterprise 
> meaningless to an person for whom OST taps into natural human patterns 
> and ways of collaboration.
> Thanks for this conversation you all!
> Anne
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> Occupy
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