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Hi Agnieszka,

I feel you have excellent instincts with respect to your discomfort with 
the idea of Facilitating and participating as a member at the same time. 
Like you,  I, too am also uncomfortable... occupying the roles of 
Facilitator and Participant at the same time.

I coach Agile. If I am functioning as coach to the group, I always 
refrain from Facilitating OST, because my current belief is that I 
probably cannot be effective as the OST Facilitator in that spot.

In any event, instead, I prefer to pay a friend to do the Facilitation, 
and then play in the OST game as a Participant.

And so: I wonder if you might have a local friend, someone interested in 
your OST work, who is not currently a member of your team. I wonder if 
you could teach this local-friend person the basics of OST Facilitation 
ahead of time. I wonder if you could teach this person how to do it, in, 
say, 1 or 2 hours, with a little, private, mock "chairs-in-a-circle" 
walk-through, with the posters, etc.

I wonder if your friend might then be willing to actually do the 
Facilitation of your team's OST event,  in exchange for your excellent 
before/during/after mentoring (and the very excellent learn-by-doing 

Kind Regards,

On 11/19/14 2:58 AM, Agnieszka Maja Wawrzyniak via OSList wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am to facilitate an Open Space for a team I am a part of and I 
> really would like to participate, but as a facilitator, I know I 
> shouldn't.
> We will probably not able to hire an external facilitator, so I'm 
> tryng to work this out...
> Do you have similar experiences? Any ideas? Recommendations?
> Greets
> Agnieszka
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