[OSList] Invitation: Experimental Online Open Space on Open Space this Friday

Lucas Cioffi via OSList oslist at lists.openspacetech.org
Wed Nov 19 12:46:16 PST 2014

Hi All,

Over on the NCDD.org discussion list, I've been running some experiments
with online collaboration.  This Friday, I'm trying an Online Conversation
Cafe / Open Space from 3-4pm Eastern.  The topic is dialogue, deliberation,
and OST.  *Full details are below.*

Even if you cannot attend, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts about a
format like this.  It's similar to a "flattened" online Open Space, meaning
that agenda creation, harvesting, and discussions are all happening at once
during the entire hour rather than in separate phases, as people create new
video chatrooms at any time.  Indeed, the space remains open 24/7/365 to
allow emergence to well, emerge.

Each video chatroom has a topic and up to ten tables of 4 people each.  The
Law of Two Feet is a core dynamic of the event-- shall we call it the Law
of One Click?

The target audience for this tool is trade associations and communities of
practice to give them space where their members can convene on a
weekly/monthly basis-- live, online, and in large numbers.  *If you have
trade associations as clients and they can use a tool like this, let's find
a way to collaborate.*

Lucas Cioffi
Co-Founder, QiqoChat
Charlottesville, VA


Bring any topic that is important to you from dialogue methods to social
change issues.

*Cost: *Free

Friday Nov 21st, 3-4pm Eastern.  Stay for as long or as short as you like.
You can pop in for 15 minutes, have a great conversation, and leave;
there's no need to stay the whole time.

*How to Participate*
You can participate by video (at virtual tables of up to 4 people) or by
phone (1-on-1).  If you're familiar with the Law of Two Feet from Open
Space, you'll know that you can create a conversation space (using either
video or phone) and people can join and depart at any time.  That's how the
hour goes-- very decentralized and emergent.

*No need to RSVP*
Just go to http://www.qiqochat.com/215 during the scheduled time this
Friday.  Please read the notes below.

*Technology Notes*
1. If you plan on joining by video chat (recommended), you will need a
webcam and a compatible browser such as Chrome or Firefox (rather than
Safari and Internet Explorer).
2. If you run into any tech issues during the event, call (716) 274-3400
with access code 616033.
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