[OSList] December 8-9 London / December 17-18 +19 California: Learning and Exploring Together

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On 11/18/14 10:02 AM, Michael M Pannwitz via OSList wrote:
> Dear Lisa,
> your reminder note wound up in my Spam folder.
> It did not show in my OSLIST folder.
> In case this is the experience of others, too, something needs to be 
> done. Just saw it by my very rare perusal of the Spam folder, usually 
> I just delete the stuff there without looking at it.
> On another issue: Once you do embark on the long journey from Berkeley 
> to London you might have a look on stopping over in Berlin and offer 
> your workshops here, too. Even 25 years ago when the Wall was still 
> up, folks made it here and I do remember seeing you in Berlin at a 
> WOSonOS.
> Berlin being the secret capitol of open space with some 80 os-workers 
> residing here and working all over the world this might be fertile 
> grounds for expanding on os, prework and other such amazing things...
> Good luck on your journey
> cheers
> mmp
> On 18.11.2014 16:55, Lisa Heft - via OSList wrote:
>> Hello, dear colleagues -
>> This is just to remind you that I am hosting *four* learning events 
>> in the next few weeks.
>> Several of you have asked me to re-announce at a time closer to the 
>> events so you have a better idea of your work schedules and 
>> availability, so that is what I am doing.
>> ___
>> Join me for mutual learning and exploration - about these things and 
>> about our work as facilitators. Contact me directly for further 
>> information about...
>> December 8-9 - Open Space Learning Workshop - London
>> For people of all levels of experience - an exploration of 
>> lessons-learned worldwide about everything from developing themes to 
>> power dynamics to what-ifs and when-not-to’s.
>> December 10-11 - The Power of Pre-Work - London
>> An exploration about all the elements that support the success and 
>> productivity of any face-to-face dialogue meeting, Open Space or 
>> otherwise. From the true nature of invitation (access and inclusion) 
>> to stretching our brains about use of the meeting room to documenting 
>> dialogue (for whom, why and how).
>> December 17-18 - Open Space Learning Workshop - Berkeley California USA
>> For people of all levels of experience - an exploration of 
>> lessons-learned worldwide about everything from developing themes to 
>> power dynamics to what-ifs and when-not-to’s.
>> December 19 - The Fabulous Facilitation Forum - Berkeley California USA
>> This is what I used to call the Open Space on Open Space - but people 
>> invite and engage in so many things about facilitation, not just 
>> about Open Space. A one-day participant-driven conference, about 
>> anything you want to explore. Because OS is its format.
>> ___
>> For more information about content, schedule and pricing (always when 
>> I host - each individual gets to create their own unique price) - 
>> contact me directly at lisaheft at openingspace.net
>> Do let me know **SOON** as this helps me in my own pre-work and 
>> planning in these final weeks before these learning events.
>> And because for the Open Space workshop specifically, there may be a 
>> bit of pre-reading.
>> I SO look forward to seeing, playing and learning with and from you … !
>> Lisa Heft
>> Consultant, Facilitator, Educator
>> This season’s Poet Laureate, OSLIST
>> President Emerita, Open Space Institute USA
>> Fellow Emerita, Columbia University
>> Opening Space
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