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Hi Harold... I was just cleaning up my email backlog and realized that
maybe you have ideas about something I have been thinking about. I have
just read Sutherland's SCRUM which is a fun read in the course of
thinking about organizations that are flatter/non or less hierarchical.
Many of the ones that stand out in the popular mind as innovative,
transparent, and non- hierarchical are that way because the founder had
those values and a vision they implemented from the start. Ex: Zappos,
Eileen Fischer etc 

I have been looking for examples of organizations that began as very
structured etc and have moved toward or from that position to more
egalitarian, transparent etc. When I read about SCRUM I keep thinking of
the need to protect it from the forces that would kill it in more
traditional organizations. In it's heyday, DEC was a revolutionary
organization inside but not built to take what was happening outside it
seriously enough....another an different problem... 

Anyway, if you have thoughts, I would be interested. Hope all is welll
with you. We are about to get another foot or two of snow on top of the
foot we already have so I am at home down on the farm staying warm and
staying put///all the roads are closed anyway. Warm regards. B3 

On 09/28/2012 12:01 pm, Harold Shinsato wrote: 

> London Calling - inviting those willing to help share what's happening at the World Open Space on Open Space Oct 11-14, let's start the conversation about how folks around the world can follow what we're doing and possibly even participate.
> Someone posted to Phelim's invitation to the LinkedIn OST group (http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Open-Space-Technology-81286 [2]) a request for ways to participate online.
> It looks like the organizers have already started using the twitter tag #WOSONOS. This is probably the lightest and least disruptive way to let others follow along and participate.
> http://www.ustream.tv/ [3] makes it easy to broadcast from smart phones and laptops if we have wifi on site.
> Looks like lots of ways to broadcast audio as well. I think I'll figure out one of those before to broadcast Harrison's opening comments. Would love to connect with others who might be interested in helping us amplify the impact of these conversations in our community.
> Getting more and more excited - can't wait!
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