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Yes you're right AJ. Frederic Laloux will be there as will be Gary Hamel
(he was a lead speaker at the Drucker Forum).

I'll let Dan Mezick confirm it but if I'm not mistaken, I think he might be
there too. Also look for Doug Kirkpatrick who has been with Morning Star
since its beginning -- first as a colleague (aka employee) now a
consultant. He wrote Beyond Empowerment, the story of Morning Star.  This
book has been seminal for me in practice and execution.  The journey to
self-management is described in detail and it seems they used open space.
I did not know about the live blogging so will be sure to check that out.


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> Hello,
> I want to share this event to which I will attend this week in NY. It is
> for anyone and everyone interested in reinventing management and
> organizations. I think it is following the same thread of the Drucker Forum
> that Suzanne shared last week.
> Best regards,
>  Agustin
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> The MIX Mashup 2014 is DAYS away!
> The program is packed with exciting speakers, profound insights, and
> radically practical approaches to making all organizations fundamentally
> more resilient, innovative, and inspiring.
> For those who can’t join us in New York next week, *stay tuned to the
> live blog
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