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Harrison and all,

I couldn't help but think of you as I read the latest blogpost below on
trusting the process and "riding the wave" of what is emerging. The blog
itself is from a dear friend and mentor of mine Charles Bower. He is in the
final stages of ALS. He has been blogging about his experience of dying for
the past two years since his diagnosis. I found this particular post
profound.... I pasted the entry here and the link to Charles Blog is below.

Charles Bower - Blow Post

>From an early age I always loved the words "if you want to have a friend
you have to be a friend".   Then one day while sitting with a friend and in
a moment of awareness these words came alive.  They were no longer just
words and I felt for the first time their deeper meaning.

Perhaps the three most important words which had a huge impact on my life,
I first heard at Shalom 1984 - "Trust the Process".   When I heard this
saying, my initial response was, of course, it is important to trust what
is going on right now.  This is the process unfolding and I must trust what
is.  I tried to live and practice these words and quickly discovered that
trusting in the process was not particularly difficult, especially when
things were going my way.  I found them comforting when something that I
was trying to influence came to fruition.  I could smile and say yes -
"trust the process" it works.  It quickly became clear that trusting in the
process was much more difficult - sometimes impossible - if it wasn't going
according to the plan.  If the process wasn't unfolding in the way I felt
it should, I would sometimes becoming a victim, wishing that what was
happening would be something different.  The process is the process -
what's happening is what's happening - this is reality.  I came to believe
and consciously try to practice being in the now and at this time of
transition, I find these words very comforting.

Trusting the process doesn't mean giving in but giving up to what is.
Trust the process means instead of trying to make what I want to happen, I
become more aware of what is actually going on - what is trying to emerge,
come to life and energize that.  When I am trusting the process, I feel the
flow of energy and ride that wave trying not to resist going with the
flow.  Trusting the process I believe is an inside job where the intuitive
is often the guiding force. Trusting the process can bring a calmness no
matter what's going on and most often the best decisions in life are made
in this state.  Trusting the process requires faith.  So here I am, my life
quickly winding down and I wonder where I will get the strength for what is
coming?  The process of my body's disintegration is by its nature
intimidating - it is an ongoing feeling of helplessness, of becoming
useless, and there is no doubt the departure from life is a daunting
experience. However, I'm committed to trusting what is and what will be.
Perhaps another way to practice trust the process is show up, be
present,tell your truth and be unattached to the outcome.
The final role in my movie is to die with dignity, consciously, my mind at
peace, overflowing with gratitude for having experienced this life.  Trust
the process is an act of courage and faith knowing that the universe is
unfolding as it should.  I remind myself regularly that 1 million people
die every week - it's just my turn.

Do you trust the process or do you normally resist?  Disappointed, anger,
annoyance or apathetic can be indicators of resistance.  I would encourage
you to ride the wave, give in to what is trying to emerge. Perhaps the old
beliefs have had their day.  Trust the process - you might be amazed at
what is about to be born.

*"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to
see what you believe." *- Saint Augustine

Charles Bower - OneDayatATime


I hope you found it valuable.



David Osborne

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