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I do agree Harrison. I think there is a great opportunity to open space there.
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Subject: [OSList] The MIX Mashup Live Blog  Hello,  I want to share this event to which I will attend this week in NY. It is for anyone and everyone interested in reinventing management and organizations. I think it is following the same thread of the Drucker Forum that Suzanne shared last week.  Best regards,  Agustin
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Events // MIX Mashup

Join us—even if you can’t join us in NYC!
The MIX Mashup 2014 is DAYS away!

The program is packed with exciting speakers, profound insights, and radically practical approaches to making all organizations fundamentally more resilient, innovative, and inspiring.

For those who can’t join us in New York next week, stay tuned to the live blog, where we’ll be sharing key insights, big ideas, memorable quotes and photos as the event unfolds. You can also catch the action on twitter by following @hackmanagement and the hashtag #mixmashup.

After the event, we’ll be rolling out video and blogs to share the highlights with you and our wider community. |
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