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Yes, and you may have seen the "hole in the wall" video, where kids in 
slums in India self-organize around learning, without any supervision at 
all. "Explainer" roles emerge, and the thing advances beautifully. 
Without any adults....(TED talk...)

The title of the talk is "Outdoctrination", skip to 6:30 it gets really 
good there.

See also: a confirmation of "High Play"


On 11/13/14 3:28 AM, Manuel Marrese via OSList wrote:
> Folks,
> for those of you who don't know Ken Robinson I'd like to invite you to 
> take some time on this video 
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX78iKhInsc. I see lots of connections 
> with open space and the kind of reasoning going on in this group.
> To tell you my person opinion, I am so much into Open space that I 
> would push the education system even further, where children could 
> apply the law of two feet beautifully and creatively and let them go 
> where their interests push them. But I guess we have to wait a bit 
> more for that.
> Anyway there is some good thoughts about control and learning that are 
> worth listening to. and most of all it's fun. enjoy it!
> manuel
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