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Thu Nov 20 03:34:01 PST 2014

There is an invitation to some scientific rigor for our beloved technology.
I propose we accept this invitation as a communal effort. An idea for a
trial design would be to collect survey data where the nuances of the lived
experiences would be teased out, survey data collected by cooperation among
our grand Institutes and access given to unaffiliated researchers to
collect some understandings and make their own conclusions in publishable
science papers. It will probably be far too difficult, even impossible the
task of building of such survey database along with the standardized
questioners. And the time to build it was sometime long ago, we are long
past out do time. There is urgency to this task. But do we have to do it?
Well, is there a real need for this approach? I think we can host this
endeavor, even try to find a design that allows for a Double-blinded rigor.
My vision is that we design standardize and publish a survey that we then
allow events to use to collect data for us, data that we then give to
researchers where they can use it for their publishing needs. There is also
the Pandora’s Box of issues and opportunities. It looks like it is a topic
ripe for an open space, "be prepared to be surprised".

The new late majority folks are going for the theme of „participatory
processes“ and request an overview over the landscape. It is the new
gathering pole and open space is central for me in this arena as it is less
controlling that other processes. Perhaps tour rigor should be part of a
broader sense of analyses under the more general heading of participatory

But perhaps when we look at Open Space, then we must use the same type of
analyses as when we look at research approaches, like when we look at the
difference on Double-blinded procedure done by WHR Rivers
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W._H._R._Rivers and earlier research

A resent story on "time to think", two weeks ago I facilitated a short 3
hour open space for a local branch of a political on their internal
operations. There were also a lot of other things happening before and
after the conversation part of the program, some football fans even
disappeared during the open space to see the ongoing game.  Personally I
was happy that we had the lunch before the open space, I took some time for
reflection and thinking about the possible dream future and topics that
make us show up for the work. Then reflection and lunch was served, a lot
of chatter during the soup lunch, then back to the introduction of
principles … “Whatever happens is the only thing that could have, be
prepared to be surprised!”… democracy of the feet / the law of mobility,
the bugs and what they give us.  Then brake for topics. …  It was short
time and a lot of conflict of attention by the sponsors for the other parts
of the day program, but it worked out well. The passion for work and the
freedom of this technology opened for topics and responsibility that had
previously been submerged by the tyranny of long speeches and lectures.
Give a little time and then open up some space, works each time given the

In openness,
Kári the group coach
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