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David, Rarely can words capture the magnificence and depth of life -
beginnings and endings. "Trust the process" and this blog are such a
precious gift. Thank you for sharing it and please convey to Charles that
it feels as if he has become a mentor to us all.

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>  Harrison and all,
>  I couldn't help but think of you as I read the latest blogpost below on
> trusting the process and "riding the wave" of what is emerging. The blog
> itself is from a dear friend and mentor of mine Charles Bower. He is in the
> final stages of ALS. He has been blogging about his experience of dying for
> the past two years since his diagnosis. I found this particular post
> profound.... I pasted the entry here and the link to Charles Blog is below.
>  Charles Bower - Blow Post
>  From an early age I always loved the words "if you want to have a friend
> you have to be a friend".   Then one day while sitting with a friend and in
> a moment of awareness these words came alive.  They were no longer just
> words and I felt for the first time their deeper meaning.
> Perhaps the three most important words which had a huge impact on my life,
> I first heard at Shalom 1984 - "Trust the Process".   When I heard this
> saying, my initial response was, of course, it is important to trust what
> is going on right now.  This is the process unfolding and I must trust what
> is.  I tried to live and practice these words and quickly discovered that
> trusting in the process was not particularly difficult, especially when
> things were going my way.  I found them comforting when something that I
> was trying to influence came to fruition.  I could smile and say yes -
> "trust the process" it works.  It quickly became clear that trusting in the
> process was much more difficult - sometimes impossible - if it wasn't going
> according to the plan.  If the process wasn't unfolding in the way I felt
> it should, I would sometimes becoming a victim, wishing that what was
> happening would be something different.  The process is the process -
> what's happening is what's happening - this is reality.  I came to believe
> and consciously try to practice being in the now and at this time of
> transition, I find these words very comforting.
> Trusting the process doesn't mean giving in but giving up to what is.
> Trust the process means instead of trying to make what I want to happen, I
> become more aware of what is actually going on - what is trying to emerge,
> come to life and energize that.  When I am trusting the process, I feel the
> flow of energy and ride that wave trying not to resist going with the
> flow.  Trusting the process I believe is an inside job where the intuitive
> is often the guiding force. Trusting the process can bring a calmness no
> matter what's going on and most often the best decisions in life are made
> in this state.  Trusting the process requires faith.  So here I am, my life
> quickly winding down and I wonder where I will get the strength for what is
> coming?  The process of my body's disintegration is by its nature
> intimidating - it is an ongoing feeling of helplessness, of becoming
> useless, and there is no doubt the departure from life is a daunting
> experience. However, I'm committed to trusting what is and what will be.
> Perhaps another way to practice trust the process is show up, be
> present,tell your truth and be unattached to the outcome.
> The final role in my movie is to die with dignity, consciously, my mind at
> peace, overflowing with gratitude for having experienced this life.  Trust
> the process is an act of courage and faith knowing that the universe is
> unfolding as it should.  I remind myself regularly that 1 million people
> die every week - it's just my turn.
> Do you trust the process or do you normally resist?  Disappointed, anger,
> annoyance or apathetic can be indicators of resistance.  I would encourage
> you to ride the wave, give in to what is trying to emerge. Perhaps the old
> beliefs have had their day.  Trust the process - you might be amazed at
> what is about to be born.
> *"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to
> see what you believe." * - Saint Augustine
>  Charles Bower - OneDayatATime
> http://iamlivingthegift.blogspot.com/2014/11/trust-process-november-17-2014.html
>  I hope you found it valuable.
>  David
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