[OSList] Pain & Anger II

Harold Shinsato harold at shinsato.com
Mon May 12 09:17:46 PDT 2014

Hi Michael, Lisa,

Thanks for emailing assistance with the OSList. Although I'm officially 
administering the OSList - because of my limited capacity I'm afraid I 
can't provide much assistance. But here are a few tidbits about the 
OSList that are usually at the heart of any one's need for help.

1) Google's gmail has a lovely *feature* that it refuses to send you 
your own mails to any lists you subscribe to with your gmail account, 
thus making it seem like your mails aren't getting through. Thus 
prompting confused emails to your list managers that no mail is getting 
through. Thus making life harder for *EVERY* list manager like myself. 
Thank you mighty lord of the Internet, Google! There may be other mail 
providers that also do this. As Lisa said, you can check the archives to 
ensure it went through.

2) If your email gets bounced - the bounce mail should tell you why. 
Usually it's because you are sending from an unregistered address. Some 
email systems use more than one address. Some people just have multiple 
addresses. You *MUST* register all addresses you wish to email from. You 
can turn off email delivery to all but one of those email addresses so 
you don't get multiple copies by using the URL at the bottom of every 
OSList email to manage your account. If you lost your password, that URL 
*can* be used to retrieve your password.

3) You will get fewer emails if you use the Digest format - but that has 
the disadvantage of making it harder to reply to individual posts. You 
probably want to get off of digest mode by changing your OSList account 
(as in the paragraph above). Or you can just use cut and paste after you 
reply to fix the subject of your email and get rid of all the other topics.


P.S. How interesting this technical topic of troubles with the OSList 
gets the subject Pain & Anger II.

On 5/12/14 4:22 AM, Michael M Pannwitz wrote:
> Dear Bronwyn,
> right, I also see your messages.
> I also do not get my own posts, even though I selected "Yes" in my 
> settings for "Receive your own posts to the list?".
> Someone then pointed out that certain mailproviders dont allow for this.
> But, clicking "Yes" for the option "Receive acknowledgement mail when 
> you send mail to the list?" results in getting just that eveytime I 
> send a response. So I can relax.
> You can set your options by going to
>> http://lists.openspacetech.org/listinfo.cgi/oslist-openspacetech.org
> Go to the bottom of the page where you enter your email address in the 
> little box "Unsubscribe or edit options" wich leads you to "your" 
> membership options. In the upper field it offers you to "Log in" (in 
> my page the Password is already entered), once you are logged in you 
> reach a page that has a long list of options you can choose at the end 
> of the page.
> Have a great day
> mmp
> On 12.05.2014 10:45, Lisa Heft - wrote:
>> Hi, Bronwyn - absolutely no bug with your registration - the OSLIST is
>> self-registering, and you are on it.
>> Some people cannot see their own postings on the OSLIST system (some?
>> everyone?) but you can always look in the archives to be sure.
>> You recently also put in a request to register on the ning site, which
>> is a site *different* than this big circle. The ning site is often used
>> for people who have specific non-English language conversations - though
>> if anyone writes anything in a non-English language here on the OSLIST,
>> I love the fact that there is always someone who replies in that 
>> language.
>> Artur (Portugal), Shufang (Taiwan) and I (USA) set up that ning site for
>> those lovely different-than-English-speakers groups. We process new
>> members' requests one by one - to prevent spamming / junk mail. You are
>> now in the ning group as well.
>> Welcome to all of it!
>> Lisa
>> *Lisa Heft*
>> Consultant, Facilitator, Educator
>> President Emerita, Open Space Institute US
>> Fellow, Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution
>> *Opening Space*
>> On May 12, 2014, at 1:01 AM, Bronwyn Pagram <bf_pags at hotmail.com
>> <mailto:bf_pags at hotmail.com>> wrote:
>>> My apologies starting a new string - there seems to be a bug with my
>>> registration as I cannot respond to individual comments (or just don't
>>> know how...).
>>> Thank you to all who provided feedback. There is some pretty
>>> consistent messaging there about the need for ownership moving higher
>>> in the organisation (than the person who initiated it).
>>> With kind regards, Bronwyn

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