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Jamie Colston jamiecolston at googlemail.com
Mon May 12 02:43:05 PDT 2014

Hi Everyone,

A few of us are co-hosting an Art of Hosting introduction in Bristol, UK on
the 6th and 7th June. Does anyone have any good suggestions about
additional online spaces to share this information through? Personally I
think this one is really exciting because it has a dual focus on hosting
yourself and your passion and utilising these skills in the world. More
info on www.jamiecolston.com/training-workshops/
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Jamie x

*Jamie Colston*

*Facilitating people of all ages to explore, play, listen and discover
their movement towards self directed, purpose led and action orientated
lives in service to self, family, community and planet.*
*W: www.jamiecolston.com <http://www.jamiecolston.com>*

*M: *07909 442006 *E: *jamiecolston at gmail.com
<jamiecolston at gmail.com>

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This year i am supporting and helping others discover the work of Kids
Company www.kidsco.org.uk. This amazing organisation provide practical,
emotional and educational support to vunerable inner city children working
with over 36,000 young people currently in Bristol and London. Find out
more by visiting their website and you can text donate £5 immediately if
you are feeling generous by texting KIDS HELP to 70700. A £5 SMS amount
will be billed to your account. For more information call 0845 644 6838

* <http://www.greenvisionmovement.org>*

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