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Mon Jan 28 10:11:21 PST 2013

In 2008 I facilitated an Open Space for a retail bankers' conference.
This was before the U.S. banking scandals came to the attention of the  
public and the government - and, might I add, to the attention of many  
banks who had wonderful true ethics and practice.

The theme:
The Future of Retail Financial Services
What are my opportunities? What are my issues?

Discussions included how to design banks as community centers, how  
better to finance homeowners and home buyers, and how these folks  
object to the sell-sell-sell nature of most banks.
They spoke of relationship, and community, and community+bank  

Of course, only truly caring bankers self-selected to come to this  
knowledge-exchange conference (part of which was in the form of  
dynamic discussions and workshops, then it shifted into Open Space for  
the next day).
So in this room, in this conference, in these people - you could see  
the heart and soul of yes, even the banking industry.

Things like this always remind me that amazing caring humans are  


PS Maybe we'll talk about some of this discovery about cultures and  
institutions at the Open Space on Open Space on March 6-8 in San  
Francisco. Let me know if you want more information - it would be a  
pleasure to have you join us...

Lisa Heft
Consultant, Facilitator, Educator
President Emerita, Open Space Institute US
Fellow, Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution
Opening Space

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> Eleder – you old sour puss, kill joy, Grinch. Don’t you know that  
> even Banks can spread some joy? Actually any time anybody wants to  
> do a commercial as gorgeous as that one, I say bring it on! Sets a  
> whole new standard that needs to be repeated (IMHO – which thanks to  
> Artur I now know what that means). And since everything is open  
> space (IMHO X 2), I guess even Banks can do it. J
> ho
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> Hi Anne and all friends around,
> This music feels us with positivity, sure, and the stuff may  
> resemble Open Space,...
> I´ll add, anyway, that..
> it is a commercial for a bank (and this awakens not-so-uplifting  
> emotions inside me :-o) and
> the concert seems quite different from self organized and emergent.
> ...
> long life and much love from Bilbao, on this bright day after some  
> rainy weeks,
> @Eleder_BuM
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