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Michael M Pannwitz mmpannwitz at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 15:59:52 PST 2013

Dear Anne,
I watched it and reacted quite differently.

I saw the perfect choreography and the precise filmwork with several 
cameras and the big invisible crew and the large number of professional 
musicians and singers from several choirs and the organizational work 
backstage such as getting the municipality to grant permission for using 
the public space for this event... all the time evoking the impression 
of an impromptu happening with lots of casually dressed music 
professionals just incidentally meeting and playing and singing 
passionately... and thanking the rapt crowd with stage bows, including 
the conductor.
A grand commercial/polished ad costing sums only a bank can afford...
against the backdrop of unfathomable sums spanish banks including Banco 
Sabadell burned harming millions of Spaniards and resulting in a 26% 
unemployment rate (ove 50% among youths)...

I guess, Charlie Brown, fan of Ludwig van would bristle seeing his idol 
abused by a Spanish Bank.

I closed all space for appreciating the music.

What I really enjoyed, look here
> http://vimeo.com/24157696

It took 4 os workers, two handheld whatever gizmo to record it, a bit of 
cardboard, some magic markers... and spirit!


On 26.01.2013 22:22, Anne Stadler wrote:
> Please watch the YouTube link at the end of this email.  This is US
> humans opening space!  So magnificent.  It brings tears of joy every
> time I view it!
> Thank you for our consistence and presence in "the work"!
> Love Anne
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