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Banks can certainly do it!   Check out this story about Hancock Bank 


 <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgRTGZgP6fY> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgRTGZgP6fY



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I had seen that before but was so happy to visit with it again.  What a joyous moment!  Well, banks can be good places, too -- remember "It's a wonderful life!"?  Maybe we should share this with as many banks as possible and get to a tipping point?  Thanks so much for sharing this.  Best, Donna



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Eleder – you old sour puss, kill joy, Grinch. Don’t you know that even Banks can spread some joy? Actually any time anybody wants to do a commercial as gorgeous as that one, I say bring it on! Sets a whole new standard that needs to be repeated (IMHO – which thanks to Artur I now know what that means). And since everything is open space (IMHO X 2), I guess even Banks can do it. J 




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Hi Anne and all friends around,

This music feels us with positivity, sure, and the stuff may resemble Open Space,...

I´ll add, anyway, that..

*	it is a commercial for a bank (and this awakens not-so-uplifting emotions inside me :-o) and
*	the concert seems quite different from self organized and emergent. 
*	...

long life and much love from Bilbao, on this bright day after some rainy weeks,

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