[OSList] Teach Them to Fish / A Note to My Friends

Stanley Park spark.osk at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 10:36:58 PST 2012

Learninng the art of silence seems to be much more rewarding for both for
there's no Godot with fish in hands.

thank you!

2012. 2. 26. 오전 3:16에 "Artur Silva" <arturfsilva at yahoo.com>님이 작성:

> Yes, Bernardo, you are right. Sometimes one must give the fish, teach to
> fish and also help learning how to learn.
> You are also right that this "to help to learnr" is indeed "to
> facilitate". I avoided the term because quite often - as HO mentioned -
> many people think (and do) "facilitate too much", disempowering the other
> and making more difficult for him to learn by himself.
> And your story in Mozambique (Beira) is marvelous.
> Abraço
> Artur
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> Yes Artur,
> based on my own life and working experience, meanwhile most of it in
> Ex-colonized countries, our job is, to HELP (I would meanwhile formulate it
> in a more systemic-adequate way: FACILITATE) to learn, to learn how to
> learn (as a way of being) and - though inicially accepting the
> Teacher-Student "Übertragung" (S. Freud, that means also: including the
> Gegen-Übertragung)- learn how to disappear.
> Only one thing. Let us not be put into a perception and thinking limiting
> TRANCE by strictly following logic thinking. That means there are times,
> when the logical either/or is simply not the best solution or even not
> human. So there may be cases where we give the fish AND teach to fish. Or
> give the fish under conditions that fishing is learned.
> I still remember the blind beggars in Beira, who got only money from me if
> they accepted to go to the training center for blind people and look if
> they would not be interested to be trained for a job there.
> Bernardo
> On Feb 24, 2012, at 6:49 PM, Artur Silva wrote:
> Amen for almost everything! And thank you, Harrison, for reminding us of
> all this.
> (...)
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