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Yes, Bernardo, you are right. Sometimes one must give the fish, teach to fish and also help learning how to learn. 

You are also right that this "to help to learnr" is indeed "to facilitate". I avoided the term because quite often - as HO mentioned - many people think (and do) "facilitate too much", disempowering the other and making more difficult for him to learn by himself.

And your story in Mozambique (Beira) is marvelous.



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Yes Artur, 

based on my own life and working experience, meanwhile most of it in Ex-colonized countries, our job is, to HELP (I would meanwhile formulate it in a more systemic-adequate way: FACILITATE) to learn, to learn how to learn (as a way of being) and - though inicially accepting the Teacher-Student "Übertragung" (S. Freud, that means also: including the Gegen-Übertragung)- learn how to disappear.

Only one thing. Let us not be put into a perception and thinking limiting TRANCE by strictly following logic thinking. That means there are times, when the logical either/or is simply not the best solution or even not human. So there may be cases where we give the fish AND teach to fish. Or give the fish under conditions that fishing is learned.

I still remember the blind beggars in Beira, who got only money from me if they accepted to go to the training center for blind people and look if they would not be interested to be trained for a job there.


On Feb 24, 2012, at 6:49 PM, Artur Silva wrote:

Amen for almost everything! And thank you, Harrison, for reminding us of
all this.
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