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Sat Feb 25 07:51:06 PST 2012

Whenever the space opens Hesperides opens. And we  come to realize that
it's been within and between us ever since.

Thank you Skye,

 2012. 2. 26. 오전 12:26에 "Skye Hirst" <skyeh at autognomics.org>님이 작성:

> I so appreciate all this activity on learning, fishing, and the implied
> "magic" of how OS works.  I felt inspired from it all this am and wrote
> these thoughts.
>  Life gives us infinite possibilities to be ourselves, to act, to live in
> concert with other life and yes, to be in conflict with other life as well.
> It's as if the loving energy source says here is the gift of life, now you
> get to choose what to do with it.  I will love you no matter what your
> choices holding always open to you the opportunity for redemption, for
> renewal and an opportunity to choose again.  We act out of some inner
> wisdom of beingness, some kind of finger print of our nature that unfolds
> with gentle and sometimes intense creativeness, running like a river
> finding its opportunities to run wherever it can.
>  ****
> Always there are constraints, some are from who we are in form and
> species, and some from the world in which we inhabit at any given time. Our
> creative core seems to be given the instructions for how to learn, to
> discover, to uncover, to find original ways of acting, being, functioning
> that have never been before.  Such revelations come through such
> constraints I believe. They say to our river, you have this and that to
> deal with, now what can you make of it?  Where do you want to run?  How
> do you want to move with this gift of life you have?
>  ****
> The actions we choose live on and on making ripples of impact in all
> directions into other living actions and beings' choices.  What a salad
> of concoctions we make together. Some are rich with flavors soothing and
> some are pungent, strident, bitter even.  What do we do with that?  What
> do we make of it?  What actions will we choose next?
>  ****
> So this day of dawning, another marking for renewal, starting again with
> fresh day, fresh hour, fresh moment, I sit with these Skye thoughts - life
> creates us as amazing beings - what I call on today in myself is
> remembering my amazing contribution to the concert and shake hands with
> others as they make their choices.  What a dance!  What a miracle of
> hopefulness!  What a life!
> And somehow, the magic of OS is that we get to experience all this in a
> short period of time - our amazingness together - as we open this
> possibility for one another.
> Skye Hirst, PhD****
> The Autognomics Institute****
> A Living World-view; the nature of reality
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> skyeh at autognomics.org
> www.autognomics.org
> Twitter @autognomics
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