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Doug's rumination about trust (or the lack of same) combined in my mind with
a phrase Skye used in her lovely note. Skye said: "to be in conflict with
other life as well" - as if conflict were a benefit of our existence.
Strangely I agree and feel rather the same way about the lack of trust  --
for each represents an opportunity to fill a negative space with renewal. 


One of the short comings of much of the so called "New Age" thinking, which
persists in many quarters, is that everything should be positive, glowing
and warm. Such thinking usually draws the criticism of "unrealistic" - or
Pollyannaish. which is true, I think, but only part of the story. The deeper
impact is that we are left with half a world. It is all Yin and no Yang, all
Order and no Chaos. It is a world in stasis, without dynamic flow, otherwise
known as dead. 


A better view, I think, is one that sees our world as a constant dance
between Yin and Yang, Chaos and Order. Each side defines the other, and
neither side is ever experienced in purity. We are always moving somewhere
in between, and both sides are necessary. I suppose you could say that this
"Dance in the Middle" is the open space where life gets lived. 


In the micro-world of our Open Spaces, the magic for me is that the Dance
continues. And any time we discovered an Open Space without conflict and
with total trust among all participants - I think the dance would be over.
Nice show, but all done.




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I so appreciate all this activity on learning, fishing, and the implied
"magic" of how OS works.  I felt inspired from it all this am and wrote
these thoughts.  


 Life gives us infinite possibilities to be ourselves, to act, to live in
concert with other life and yes, to be in conflict with other life as well.
It's as if the loving energy source says here is the gift of life, now you
get to choose what to do with it.  I will love you no matter what your
choices holding always open to you the opportunity for redemption, for
renewal and an opportunity to choose again.  We act out of some inner wisdom
of beingness, some kind of finger print of our nature that unfolds with
gentle and sometimes intense creativeness, running like a river finding its
opportunities to run wherever it can. 


Always there are constraints, some are from who we are in form and species,
and some from the world in which we inhabit at any given time. Our creative
core seems to be given the instructions for how to learn, to discover, to
uncover, to find original ways of acting, being, functioning that have never
been before.  Such revelations come through such constraints I believe. They
say to our river, you have this and that to deal with, now what can you make
of it?  Where do you want to run?  How do you want to move with this gift of
life you have? 


The actions we choose live on and on making ripples of impact in all
directions into other living actions and beings' choices.  What a salad of
concoctions we make together. Some are rich with flavors soothing and some
are pungent, strident, bitter even.  What do we do with that?  What do we
make of it?  What actions will we choose next?


So this day of dawning, another marking for renewal, starting again with
fresh day, fresh hour, fresh moment, I sit with these Skye thoughts - life
creates us as amazing beings - what I call on today in myself is remembering
my amazing contribution to the concert and shake hands with others as they
make their choices.  What a dance!  What a miracle of hopefulness!  What a


And somehow, the magic of OS is that we get to experience all this in a
short period of time - our amazingness together - as we open this
possibility for one another.



Skye Hirst, PhD

The Autognomics Institute

A Living World-view; the nature of reality


skyeh at autognomics.org


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