Inviting your feedback on a collection of Australian Facilitator Fairy Tales

Andrew Rixon andrew at
Mon Sep 24 19:01:04 PDT 2007

Dear All,


Many of you might remember how, as kids, you learnt about the world through
fairy tales.


What better way might there be then to learn about facilitation then through
facilitator fairy tales?


Simon Kneebone and I started collecting facilitator fairy tales at the
Australian Facilitator Network conference held in Geelong, Victoria,
November 2006. With the great interest and response to the fairy tales we
have continued to work with facilitators and collect fairy tales in Sydney
and Melbourne. So far we have collected 18 fairy tales, all produced
creatively and spontaneously by small groups of facilitators working
together at our workshops. A special thank you to all those facilitators who
have contributed!


We have finally produced the Facilitator Fairy Tales and are pleased to
present them for download from:


Once you've read them, we'd love to invite your feedback on the collection
so far, by encouraging you to take our simple 3 question feedback survey
from the link below: 




Warm regards,



Andrew Rixon PhD
Babel Fish Group Pty Ltd
Skype: AndrewJRixon
Mobile: 0400 352 809
Fax: (03) 8610 0162 
Email: andrew at


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