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Mon Sep 24 11:17:30 PDT 2007

Dear Open Space Friends,  

I would appreciate you passing the attached flyer along to anyone you know
(including you!) who might be interested in a workshop that teaches how to
facilitate strategic collaboration through a blend of Appreciative Inquiry,
Open Space Technology, World Cafe and Polarity Management™.  The METHODS FOR
STRATEGIC COLLABORATION workshop will be held in December 2007 in Arizona
and February 2008 in Singapore.

Within the change model of Appreciative Inquiry, this workshop teaches AI
interviews for the Discovery Phase, World Cafe for the Dream Phase, OST for
the Design Phase, and Polarity Management™ and local project design for the
Destiny Phase.

December 3-6, 2007 at Rex Ranch, <>
, in Amado, AZ, 40 miles south of Tucson.
For more information, please refer to the attached flyer, contact Nanci Main
at (503) 338-8090 or  <mailto:nanci at> nanci at  ,
or feel free to contact me directly.

February 20-22, 2008 in Singapore, sponsored by the Facilitators Network
eb_08.pdf.  You can register online at

Cross-posted on the Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology and World
Cafe lists.  You can read more about the workshop below. 

Warm regards from beautiful Arizona,

Christine Whitney Sanchez
CWS - Collaborative Wisdom & Strategy
2717 E. Mountain Sky Avenue
Phoenix, AZ  85048-8990
480.759.0262 <> m 

Imagine engaging groups of 5 to 2,000 in strategic conversations.  Imagine
basking in the Arizona sun in December of 2007 while learning four powerful
methods that are being used around the world for breakthrough thinking,
decision-making and collaborative action.

METHODS FOR STRATEGIC COLLABORATION is a unique experiential learning
workshop that provides foundational theory and practice to utilize
Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, World Café and Polarity


·         Through experiential learning, gain a working knowledge of the
principles, steps and practices of Appreciative Inquiry, World Café and Open
Space Technology. 

·         Practice Appreciate Interviews, small group learning and large
group synthesis as part of the Discovery Phase of Appreciative Inquiry.

·         Engage in a World Café as part of the Dream Phase of Appreciative

·         Participate in an Open Space Technology meeting as part of Design
Phase of Appreciative Inquiry.

·         Practice Polarity Management™ as part of the Destiny Phase of
Appreciative Inquiry.

·         Craft appreciative questions and provocative propositions in your
own language and for your environment.

·         Design a large group project to take home.

·         Participate in two follow-up coaching sessions.



“The high point for me in this workshop was the absolute invitation and safe
space to be authentic in the process of learning and growing. It was an
intimate embodiment of collective wisdom. The format of
learning by doing, to teach methods through the methods allowed for an
accelerated, seamless experience. What this workshop has prepared me for is
the permission to go forth and experiment. In small, incremental ways I am
already integrating Methods for Strategic Collaboration into upcoming
workshops and conferences I am helping to shape."
Magda Peck, August 2007, University of Nebraska Medical Center

"I realized my dreams come true. I will be able to help others serve a
worthy purpose. I saw the impact of my heart - I can't wait to live it.
Michael Jackson, March 2007, USAA Worldwide Insurance

"My greatest learning did NOT come from where I expected it to. If you come
to this workshop, be prepared to be surprised. Be prepared for a workshop
that gives you MORE than what is advertised. Be prepared to learn as much
from the students as you do from the teacher (which is perhaps the highest
compliment that I could pay to the skill, wisdom, and vision of Christine
Whitney Sanchez). Be prepared to stretch in ways that you did not even
anticipate. Be prepared to see the world in whole new ways."
Mark W. Hanna, March 2007, Valley Coaching Collaborative, Chandler, AZ

"This workshop has built my confidence as a facilitator and enabled me to
incorporate particularly Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology into
a pilot test of an activity to mobilize sector wide collaboration in order
to improve the national response to orphans and vulnerable children
throughout sub-Saharan Africa."
Jane Begala, March 2007, Constella Futures, Washington D.C.

“Thank you for showing me a different, more spiritual way of doing Open
Andrew Ballance, March 2007, London, England

“I plan to use some Appreciative Inquiry in my next leadership workshop in
Ireland, as a first step in bringing about a change to emphasize the
positive in training of our leaders.”
Participant from Ireland, October 2004

“I’ve learned and been mentored in methodologies that work – that affect my
work with others in positive, active ways – that encourage me to be
congruent with my values and beliefs.”
Participant, May 2005, Chicago Training

“I’m excited about the “click” of several concrete AI projects to address
challenges that I’d been mulling for some time.”
Participant from Israel, 2004

“I discovered sound principles to be used as inner guidance throughout life
and rediscovered importance of trusting that voice inside. The workshop gave
me a framework for previously scattered projects in my head.”
Participant, 2004 Paris Training

“I am anxious to extend this Open Space and World Cafe process to Girl
Scouts and other venues/organizations. Each participant has walked away with
a bit of understanding of ‘how to hear the voices of the masses’.”
Participant, August 2005, Girl Scouts of the USA

“I wish to have many more opportunities to attend and participate in this
kind of process, but also to be able to share it widely.”
Participant from South Africa, 2004


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