Highlights: First OS on OS in French

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Mon Sep 24 19:13:56 PDT 2007


-The First OS on OS in French was held on September 14, 15, and 16 2007 in
Val-David in the Laurentians, near Montréal, Québec, Canada;

- 30 participants responded to the invitation;

- September 14, on a sunny afternoon sitting by the lake, storytelling took
place on the topic of our best OST stories, using the circle and the talking

- The theme for September 14 and 15 was Reaching New Heights in our
Knowledge and our Practices of Open Space;

- The theme for September 16 was French-language Networks at the local,
national, and international levels;

- Three Haitians were offered bursaries from our sponsors.   Unfortunately,
they were unable to obtain a visa on time for our event;

-The presence of an African Canadian from Alberta representing a
multicultural non profit organization was a real gift to the group. When he
realized that the spirit and many parts of the Open Space ritual actually
originate from Africa, it felt like the Open Space approach had come home
and all of us had the privilege of being invited to that warm place;

- Sponsors for the events were Open Space Institute Canada, Open Space
Institute-USA, World Map, and Auberge Prema Shanti;

-The Prema Shanti (www.premashanti.ca) in Val David Québec was really a
magical setting.  The owner Karim was fully connected with the spirit of our

-Many times people said: At last, an OSonOS in French with a group of people
who share the intention of keeping a French support network alive. A group
who wants to take leadership to help disseminate the wonderful Open Space
gift to people, to organizations, and to humanity;

-The organizing committee was very happy of the experience of this first
OSonOS in French and wishes to thank everyone who has contributed to its

-Those interested are invited to meet October 12 and 13 2007 to further
discuss the creation of a French-language network. Details to be confirmed;

The organising committee:  Diane Gibeault, Esther Matte, Etienne Beaulieu,
Roch Landry, and Marquis Bureau

Marquis Bureau
MBureau International Inc.
(403) 202-4955

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