Free Teleseminar on Facilitator Archetypes and Fairy tales

Andrew Rixon andrew at
Sun Sep 23 17:53:28 PDT 2007

Dear All,


Last year many of you participated in a survey exploring an archetype based
model for facilitator learning and reflection. We had a great response with
over 400!


On Wednesday morning (southern hemisphere time) or Tuesday evening (if
you're in the northern hemi) we are excited to be part of a Leading Lights
teleseminar inviting you to come and explore this new model as well as hear
our findings and synthesis.


We'll also be providing links to a set of compiled and illustrated
"facilitator fairy tales" which we have gathered through our treks around


For registration details and more info check out: 


Hope all's great for you!


Warm regards,



Andrew Rixon PhD
Babel Fish Group Pty Ltd
Skype: AndrewJRixon
Mobile: 0400 352 809
Fax: (03) 8610 0162 
Email: andrew at


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