needing catchy quotes on OST's efficacy in Russian-speaking world

Raffi Aftandelian raffi at BK.RU
Sun Sep 23 21:55:01 PDT 2007

Dear colleagues,

As Elena Marchuk wrote to the list a few weeks back the OST User's Guide is
set to see the printed page in the language of Leskov, Pushkin, and, well
(for better or worse), Pelevin.

The publisher is seeking quotes for the book's marketing materials regarding
the efficacy of OST, in Russian-speaking countries.

So, this is an appeal to all of you out there who have worked anywhere from
Vilnius to Vladivostok, Murmansk to Mehri, Yakutsk to Yerevan, Kharkov to
Khabarovsk, Minsk to Magadan, Tallinn to Tashkent and have quotes from
participants/clients of OST meetings that we could forward to the publisher 

If you know of people offlist who have worked in this part of the world,
might you forward this message to them?

Quotes can be sent to me at raffi at, raffi_1970 at, or to Elena
Marchuk at marco at

greetings from Seattle,

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