Examples of delegate bodies using something other than Robert's Rules?

Christine Whitney Sanchez milagro27 at cox.net
Sun Sep 23 15:08:33 PDT 2007

Hi All,
I'm in conversation with a large membership organization about using
participatory methods at their delegate convention.  For the past 50
conventions they have used Robert's Rules of Order for their decision
making.  They fully realize just how tedious and antiquated a process that
is and they are eager to open the dialogue during the business meeting.  But
they are understandably concerned about the impact of engaging in high
engagement processes such as AI Interviews, World Cafe discussions and Open
Space Technology meetings and then switching to something so linear and
formal as Robert's Rules for voting on the proposals before the delegate
I'm hoping for stories of membership organizations that have successfully
used something other than Robert's Rules as the decision making process.
I've just begun checking into Roberta's Rules of Order and would welcome
those examples, as well.
Thanks in advance for any examples.  I will compile the results and feed
them back.
Warmly from cooling Phoenix,
Christine Whitney Sanchez
CWS - Collaborative Wisdom & Strategy
2717 E. Mountain Sky Avenue
Phoenix, AZ  85048-8990
www.christinewhitneysanchez.com <http://www.christinewhitneysanchez.com/>  

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