Examples of delegate bodies using something other than Robert's Rules?

Dr. Mario C. Barbiere DrMCB503 at aol.com
Sun Sep 23 15:39:20 PDT 2007

Hi Christine:
It is my understanding that Robert's Rules is for use to conduct a meeting,  
i.e., protocols of when to vote, what kind of vote is required, etc. The  
application of the rule in its true form or on occasion to varying degrees,  is 
traditionally done at Board of Education or Town council meeting. Absent  
following Roberts Rules, it can lead to legal problems or the threat of  litigation. 
In my experience in education, I have always had a lawyer in attendance at  
our Broad of Education meetings. Actually when I was in a large  school  
district  (4,000 kids) , we had two lawyers at our meeting as one was  general 
council and the other was a contract specialist. Between utilization of  Robert's 
rules and the lawyer(s) we still had people getting warned about "the  law" or 
what they can and can not say in public.
The utilization of high engagement program to come to an agreement would,  in 
my opinion, mitigate problems at a BoE meeting as the processes you describe  
involves people. Having folk involved in a process, come to consensus and 
then  present it to a Board Of Education is always effective. To pass a  school 
budget, we involve people in the process and it yields positive  results.
Each serves a purpose, in my opinion. After dealing with 1M law suits  for 
not following Robert's rules, I have quickly gained an appreciation of  when it 
should and could be used.
Mario C. Barbiere 

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