Harrison Owen hhowen at verizon.net
Fri Sep 7 03:52:06 PDT 2007

A tad more than 60 wonderful people from a half dozen countries converged on
Camden, Maine for the second OSONOS by the Sea. As I write, we are in the
early morning hours of the second day. Today, as yesterday will be gorgeous
with the sun shining on the sea and the surrounding mountains. In terms of
the discussions, they have been multiple and deep with proceedings to be
published shortly for anybody who cares about the details. Regardless of how
it ends, and it will end well, the start was nothing short of fabulous. Well
actually I guess I should say the start before the start, for we all
gathered the night before at a local watering hole (bar) and grill. In short
order we had taken the place over and some startled guests suddenly found
themselves enveloped and welcomed into a most spirited occasion. It is fair
to say that we ate and drank well - but the real surprise came when it was
time to pay our bills. There weren't any. One of our number, as yet
unidentified, had picked up the whole tab! I just love Open Space and all
the incredible people who keep showing up when the space is truly open.





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