Question - bilingual opening

Diane Gibeault diane.gibeault at
Thu May 24 17:29:21 PDT 2007

Openning the circle in English and in French together is also something 
Larry Peterson and I do. We have a preference for walking the circle side by 
side to bound the circle and build the energy (like a spiral). But as 
Harrison showed with his example, you find what works for you. I also open 
by myself, using both French and English, summarizing in one or the other 
language alternatively so it's not too long and repetitive for the bilingual 

A very common feedback and reaction we get when we do it in two languages 
(instead of simultaneous translation) is that people who did not trust that 
they could understand the other language realize that they can , more than 
they thought.

The added beauty of this is that they then feel more confident to go to the 
other language groups and mix up languages. It gives a great kick start to 
openness and cooperation.

That is why if I can avoid simultaneous translation for the opening, I find 
people get that Ah Ah experience of discovering a language and they get a 
clearer sense of what we are saying instead of the interpretation of a 
translator that usually has no or little experience of OS and may capture 
the words but not always the spirit.


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