whatever happens...is personal!

Jack Ricchiuto jack at designinglife.com
Sun May 13 18:20:13 PDT 2007

The length of this discussion on "Whatever happens" is testament to its
magic. Honoring this principle, this is an excerpt from a new work just
completing, "Conscious Becoming".

Whether we like it or not,
Whether we approve of it or not,
whether it makes sense or not,
things are the only way they can be
given all that came before.

And if in the process we realize
that what we do right now
is what will come before next,
we discover our power, and dwell
in a calm sense of possibility.


Jack Ricchiuto

Facilitating learning & engagement with organizations & communities
Author of the recent "Mountain Paths: A Guide On Our Journey Toward
Discovering Our Potential"
www.DesigningLife.com / 216.373.7475

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