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Tue May 22 06:15:24 PDT 2007

Hi, (or should i say dear diary? :-))
I feel right now  like a cartoon character, a lorry passed over me and then i returned to my dimension again. (whatever that is)  Nothing happened, i am not hurt, i did not do anything... 
I am usually  a bit lazy about writing in English but i will share this, 
Last Sunday, we opened space for communication for one day, in a small town in Istanbul. The event was at the beginning of a street festival. I worked for the preparation for more than a month with my colleague, everything went well, inspired, funny...  The last three days before the event, I lived some problems with the sponsor, which could be real a nerve breakdown, however now we are just happy, i don’t call it a success, it has just happened as everything but somehow the problems took care of themselves. : - ) 
After the event new projects came out. The first group decided to leave after the lunch, and we kept the space open and some more people came after, 
also a group of people into architecture attended for talking about  projects.  
After the event they told that it was like a group therapy for them and told  they want to live Open Space every time before they do their architecture workshops. (Again a therapy issue ? :-)
Before the end of the event, the group decided to go see the town, took the session to the street, they hanged around, saw the historical buildings, kept working for an hour, took notes, came back, completed their notes, when they were about to leave a man came, then the group wanted to listen to him, i was like  “open space”  space in space? open in open?  :-))
This event is the first time that i could leave the area. I went to a park, fed the birds, hanged around, and  when the group were on the street, with the crew we went to a terasse, ran around, watched the sea, had fun.  
I wanted to thank you again for everything, you help a bunch of people remember real fun here..
Can Uludag
0 216 418 30 31
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