Space for open space

Lisa Kimball lisa at
Tue May 22 05:18:43 PDT 2007

I am looking for a place to hold an open space meeting in philadelphia for
75-100 people in Spring 2008.  Anybody got any good ideas about possible
places to hold it?  (with all the usual requirements it needs to be a
nice big open space, options for self-org sessions, natural light is great,
etc.)  I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has held a meeting
in a space they liked, or knows about an organziation that makes space
available ...Thanks!  * lisa

Lisa Kimball, Executive Producer
Group Jazz, Suite 440
5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20015 USA
P: +1 202.686.4848  F: +1 202.966.3772
lisa at

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