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Fri May 25 08:33:56 PDT 2007

Some little while back, one of our number (John Engle?) said something about
"Sages" here on the list. It is doubtless true that some of us have been
around longer than others (perhaps too long? :-)). But what is even more
true, is that we are all on the edges of our respective learning curves. 


Over the past several days, OSLIST seems to have exploded in some
interesting directions. I must to admit that I am having a great deal of fun
learning - but I can also imagine that the volume of traffic may be a little
overwhelming, and that some of the language may be a little obscure. It is a
fact of community life that jargon develops - we all take short cuts,
assuming that everybody understands what we are talking about. It may also
be assumed that we (or more specifically I) know what we are talking about.
That can be a very shaky assumption! So I beg you - when something seems
questionable - Question it! We will all learn.



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